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05_08_17 125 1.JPG
05_07_12 125 Empty Zeek 1 CRS.JPG
Dogfish ;)755 views
Purple Tang754 views1 comments
September 2010753 viewsThis tank is an 18 x 36 30 gallon breeder and was set up with pool filter sand as the substrate. I have approx 2WPG of T-5 HO lighting. I add no C02 or fertilization. I am running two Eheim ecco canister filters. Stocking is 15 Neon Tetras, 6 Corydoras, 1 BN pleco and 2 ghost shrimp.
Gary the snail.752 viewsWhat kind of snail is this...
05_06_13 Gold Dojo Face C.JPG
Gold Dojo749 viewsPLEEEEEEESE Mommy, can I have another Snail Cookie :):)
T. Bythobates 55 gallon747 viewsNEW! Not completed, need to add more onion plants (the only plants they won't eat!) Driftwood and large Coral Rocks are from the Ocean found off the Grassy Keys, Fl. It is hard to see in this picture but there are 2 coconut caves and many rock caves for breeding. The fish swim in and out of the entire maze of rockwork all day long.
Jim Plumbs His First Eheim.jpg
Jim Plumbs His First Eheim742 views
225 w/hood740 views
Day 1-CO2 after serious pruning739 views
55 gets a new home736 views1 comments
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