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My Aquarium310 viewsThis is a female Molly having an aquarium cruise.
My Aquarium277 viewsA close up shot of the face of a female Molly.
My Aquarium245 viewsA female Molly facing the camera.
RAIN FISH225 viewsHere you can see clear the developing silver blue colour of growing young male ,and on the tail fin you can see 2 black streeks which defines a male in this rain water spieces.
RAIN FISH222 viewsA close up shot of the head of an adult male fish which has been caught from the rain water canal
RAIN FISH221 viewsThis is a close shot of a dead adult femal fish, you can see on top of its boody some golden spots too.
RAIN FISH213 viewsThis is a photo of a dead colourfull male fish ( 4.5cm long ) died also while transfering from the rain water drainage canal where i found it. When take a close up look you will see that its colour ( Blue spoted ) is so similar to the ( Marine fish ) Blue spoted Grouper ,also you can see the adapted anal fin as a fertalizing organ.
The new spices209 viewsAn other view.
THE NEW SPICES208 viewsFacing the camera.
RAIN FISH204 viewsDorsal fin ( up )
Anal fin ( down )
Tail fin ( left )
An adult male fish.
See how colourfull it is.
The new spices200 viewsA young adult male.
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