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Betta Splendens


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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: SAM J.
I have had my male Betta for almost a year, I have him in a 5 Gal tank, a lot of personality, easy going, gets along well with 2 tetras and 1 pygmy frog, and loves the plants.

From: Tamar
I just bought my first betta since being married. Haven't had one since I was like 9 years old. He is beautiful. Went to store to buy other stuff and he won me over and those little things they keep them in, he just had to come home with me! Reading all you alls comments thinking it would be cool to get him a mate. He is doing well in my 55 gal. tank. Not bothering any one so far. Sees himself in the glass and its comical. He's the prettiest blue and purple but I haven't seen a female that I would think he would like. He just jumps out at ya. I can't say any other fish has ever done that to me. Get one and see for your self. By the way I did buy him at Walmart and I ill let ya know if he dies anytime soon. But I have had a fish as a gift and that is where she bought it and my other fish and it are doing well and they have been here for a looonnnng time. Just watch their tanks for sick or dead ones and make sure the person who waits on you has washed his hands!!!

From: sheri bee
Did you know that a betta will do well and even mate in a brackish-water tank. Let's hear it for the semi-salties!

From: Diana
I put three harlequin rasboras in with what I thought was a docile betta who showed no interest in the fish. The next day I found a dead rasbora in the bottom of the tank. It looked like there may have been a piece taken out of the abdomen but I wasn't certain. The betta was put on probation. The following afternoon I found another dead rasbora with damage to one of its eyes. This betta does not play well with others! His name was changed to Jaws.

From: newbe
I just bought a betta and he seemed to be adjusting quite well. Though a few hours after I guess he jumped out of the bowl and plunged to his very dry death, it was very sad. So I got another, this time taking care to not overfill the bowl. He is doing very well. Bettas rule.

From: linda
I recently purchased my first betta. I love him to death. I am hooked and I know I will be purchasing more. He is a beautiful blue and he is very active especially when I place a mirror in front of his bowl. My next adventure will be to try an aquarium. I really researched before I purchased my betta and I would advise anyone who is interested in this hobby to do so also.

From: Shasta
You people think you got the betta bug?! How about I just got my 91st betta today and have three more on the way. With success in spawning, my babies are now eight weeks old and showing great color. All of my bettas are happily separated from all other fish. The females are even separate as I have had one female kill another, and then kill a few guppies. Yes it is a female, spawned her and got great results. If anyone wants to e mail me for up coming spawns as this one is spoken for.

From: driftwood
bettas that I have kept in the past in a community tank, both in mine, and friends,have fought almost, and even to the death, with angel fish. Depending upon the "type", of community tank you have set up, this fish, can be anything from an asset, to a real BIG bully in your particular community.

From: Sam
I have a male betta, which I have had for almost 2 yrs. I also have 2 tetra's and a pygmy frog that I also keep in the same 5 gal. tank, they all get along great. I keep the tank heated at 80 deg. I have had no problems with it.

From: rh
I've found through some bad experience that these fish are not peaceful at all they will attack and kill just about anything you put in the tank with it. When I first put him in the tank he was nice but I found it became quite aggressive to my gouramis, newt, and frogs and all fish smaller than it. I then put it in with some more aggressive fish like my 3.5 inch convicts. I was surprised to see him picking fights with them! In conclusion I believe these fish are the worst fish you could possibly buy for a community tank.







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