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clown loach

Chromobotia (Botia) macracantha


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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: Michael Sim
Wonderful Fishes with very "Marine Fish" like colours indeed! I have more than 10 4" Loaches (still growing) in a 4 feet Tank (together with 3 Ornate Bichir & 1 Red Tail Golden Arowana) and they work wonderfully to pick up scraps of food that sink to the sand bed. Occasionally, surfacing and grabbing some food down... They are also known as "King of White Spots". But once they are accustomed & very settled in the aquarium while the water condition remains good, it is a breeze to keep them going healthy. A Bio-Filtered Aquarium with Black Water essence added to the water will do them more Good then harm. Works pretty much like the plant supplement. Mostly, ICK is developed as a result of abrupt changes to water temperature, such as changing of water to the Aquarium or when first introducing them into the Tank from the shop. It is thus important that the bags be placed in the tank until the temperature is even out (15 to 30 minutes) before releasing them. As for changing water, always allow the water to be aged for at least a day, add Anti-Chlorine solution and not allow more than 20% of the Aquarium water is replaced. Add the water slowly so as not to create a drastic temperature difference. In an unfortunate event when they do develop ICK, isolate them immediately into a separate Tank. I always have a standby 1 feet tank c/w aeration for nursing "sick" fish. Use Anti-Ich solution (Methylene Blue) according to recommended strength, add in a pinch of table salt and raise the temperature to between 26°C & 28°C. It should be cleared within 24 hours or about 3 days for serious cases.
From: anonymous
Definitely a MUST for any good, established aquarium, but are not for the beggining aquarist. They are the most personable little fish anywhere: they swim back and forth across the tank en mass at dinnertime to get my attention. They are, however, pigs: they will eat and eat... and eat. They generally aren't agressive killers, but I recently tried to put a pair of angelfish in their tank and they didn't like that at all: they decended on the poor angels like a pack of wolves. I had to put them (the angels) in my other tank. Clowns also like to establish dominance among themselves: they are always pushing and shoving each other to see who gets to eat first. They do however, give my black ghost knife a wide birth. ICK WARNING: I have lost many a clown loach to ick. Use treatment at half strength or weaker.
From: Kev
Clown loaches are really cool and interesting fish, they're my favorite. Yet, they can get scale diseases pretty easy (becuase they dont really have "true scales"). Well at least mine did. One of mine died from eye cloud and tail rott (becuase I didn't treat him on time), after that, the other one i had got the same thing. I tried triple sulfa a couple of times but it didn't work, so i decided to just let him die itstead of spending more money on medicine that i had spent on the fish, untill my grandfather (who used to have fish back in Cuba) told me to use methylene blue (which is alot cheaper than triple sulfa and other medicines. I put like 6 drops for my 10 gal. tank and it worked really good, the day after the first treatment, i could already see him getting better. Now he's fine and i bought him a partner so he wont be lonely. Now i'm buying a 29 gal. tank for them so they can grow bigger.

From: Anthony
I currently have five clown loaches in a 72 gallon tank. The biggest is about 6 inches and the smallest is about 4. They all get along fine and are very active. Last year two of them came down with Ick. I treated it was a product called Clout and it worked great. For anyone with Clown Loaches that get Ick I recomend using Clout.
From: Wanda
At one time I had 6 clown loaches, all over 5" long. I do believe they tried mating once. One of them turned a creamy color and began cleaning one corner of the tank. This lasted several days. The next step was when they began swimming in and out of the current from my H.O.T. Magnum filter. This, however, was as far as they went. This continued for several hours and then the one turned orange again and things went back to normal. Just thought I would fill you in on that.
From: John
I have two loaches. I've had them for 6 months now. They are quite amusing to watch when they come out of the rock cave I provided. One of them is very social to the other fish in the tank but one hides all day and comes out mostly at night. Both are getting bigger by the week. The owner of the pet store(Older gentleman) told me the secret to keeping loaches is excellent filtration and keeping the water at 80 degrees CONSTANTLY. The higher constant temp helps to keep the ick away. The Ebo-Jager heater I purchased does an outstanding job.Outstanding results so far. The other fish are doing great.

From: Koko
I have 2 clown loaches in a 50 gallon community tank. They get along with the other fish fabulously and add great color contrast to my black and silver mollies. The best thing they do, however, is help to keep my snail population down. They love to eat the smaller newborns and prevent my tank from being over populated with the pesky little devils. They are an excellent solution rather then adding unwanted chemicals to the tank, making it more like an ecosystem.

From: Kirk
The clown loach is very sensitive to ick due to stress caused by low temprature. Loaches need to stay warm,at least 77 degrees F. If they do get ick only treat them with brands that are safe for scale-less fish. Copper Safe or Quick Cure works very well. I have four in a long 55 gal. community tank with fine medium and cover such as large plants with some large rocks to make nooks and crannies for them to lay arround.They really thrive this way. Enjoy!

From: Melanie
I have 2 clown loaches and when I forget to feed them they act as if they're dead until I go to feed them then they start moving, they're real teasers :)

From: Rhonda
I have four clown loaches. I bought them to take care of my snail population. Snails no more! They have a great personality. One is bigger than the other three, nearly 5 inches. He loves to lay on his side...thought he was dying until I read that was normal for them. They are great fish and except for my angelfish, are my favorites!

From: Dan
My clown loach sleeps in a very narrow rock cave only high enough for him to lay completely on his side. Side by side with a banded catfish.

From: Brea
I have 2 clown loaches in a 55-gal African cichlid tank. Although everyone has said it can't be done . . . I have. The cichlids do not bother them. In fact, I have one large red zebra cichlid (one the most dominant fish in my tank) who often swims up and down the side of the tank right along with the loaches!! I purchased the loaches when they were very young as members of a community tank. As I became interested in the African Cichlids, I sold my other fish but couldn't bare to part with the loaches. So I gradually increased the pH over a period of months. I lost one loach in the process, but the other 2 have been healthy for over a year. It just takes patience. I love this fish! :0)

From: Ryan
The crown jewel of fresh water aquaria. Colorful, Comical, Peaceful. Currently have 3 between 4 and 5". Once kept a pair for over 6 years. Would Recommend this fish to everyone!

From: Dave
I have one clown loach that is very social. He is in a tank with six tiger barbs, and he pals around with them like he's one of the gang.

From: Heath
Do great with barbs with vertical striping(tigers,rubies)gouramis,rasboras, almost everything will coexist peacefully with them.






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