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Tiger Barb

Puntius tetrazona



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: Chad
I've had some tigers in my tank but they stared to get mean so I put them in a ornamental pond and they thrived.
From: Pearl
Tiger barb fish are nice to look at. I usually watched them a lot. Up to date I have at least 20 of them. Its true that they eat some of others "fish fins". I also have 5 livebearers on my tank. The best way to have different fish on an aquarium is to have at least 4-6 pieces of them.
From: Dan
I put a single tiger in with a zebra danio, and the barb just sat around doing nothing. Then I added a few more fish, including a much smaller green barb, and the smaller barb has been chasing around my tiger for the last few days.
From: Ed
I have been keeping fish for a few months. It started easily enough. My boss bought me a Minibow 5 for my desk and since then I have been tweaking it for the right combination of activity and beauty. Believe it or not, my first 2 fish were 1" Tiger Oscars!! Well they couldn't stay long. I donated them to a coworker and now had a tank with just a bubble stone. I purchased a salt-n-pepper cory (1" long) now 2 1/2"! and a small panda cory. They loved being the only game in town. I had to move on. I missed the interaction with my Oscars and their lively attitude. I got 4 Long Finned Zebra Danios and a pair of neons. (yawn) The Danios were very active and I loved it but they stayed up top. Neons are nice to look at but not very active. (Could be the size of the school, I have 10 at home and they are great) Next I brought home a Chinese algae eater and a pair of snakeskin gourami great addition but again not active so I took the gouramis home and added the tigers! My tiger barbs are wonderful I split 6 between 2 tanks and one died within a few minutes (its 20 outside and he must have been in shock). but right away they took to their environment! they aren't bothering my zebra's and my 3 baby swordtails(rescued from the parents of another tank) I have now the perfect tank its a 5 gal but its great 1 Panda cory 1 Salt-n-pepper cory 3 Swordtail's 2 Lyretail Zebra Danio's 1 Chinese algae eater and now 3 very small Tiger Barbs. The tank community is very active with the Barbs as ringleaders but peacefull and wonderfull lots of plants to hide in and a great all around tank!!!
From: Robert
Yes, tiger barbs can be a bit aggressive if they don't have enough "friends" to school with. I have had them several times and I love them and very seldom have problems with them any more. Just keep them in schools of at least 5. And make sure smaller fish have good schools too. :)
From: Ian
My tiger barbs have been no problem! They, I have 4, get a long well with all the others, betta included. They haven't bred yet but I want them to. Any suggestions?
From: Nick
Well I have to say that tiger barbs are and aggressive fish. I keep 2 in with much lager African cichlids including and auratus and a jewel and they hold there own on any given day and that's in a 30 gallon tank.
From: Mike
I have had an active community tank with Tiger Barbs, a Kribensis Cichlid and Serpae Tetras for over two years now. Tigers and Serpaes get along great together. They swim in schools together and tend to bring out the best colors in each other.
From: Ed
I started with 5 barbs in a 20 gallon community tank with angels , tetras, mollys and swordtails. 2 have died but the other 3 have left the rest of the fish alone. Now the are starting to breed
From: Wesley
It's usually best to keep about 6 tiger barbs at a time. They are very active. The larger the school the less playful(which becomes aggressive if you don't have enough of them) they will become with the other fish. I have 5 older barbs and 1 runt. He's only half the size of the others and schools with them fine. Put simply: if you don't have a lot of barbs...They will chase your other fish and nip at them playfully and eventually aggressively.






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