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South America


silver Arowana

Osteoglossum bicirrhossum
Osteoglossum ferreirai
Scleropages jardini



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: Charles W
I have a Silver Arawana that is at least 24". I have had it for about 2 years. What a pet. I thought mine was unique in it's personality traits. I guess they all do this. He only tolerates me. Feeding it when young was interesting. I also started out with two African Butterfly fish, so crickets were a regular staple. The small arawana loved them. Small feeders such as guppies were also taken as the Clown Knife needed them. Outsurviving all but the two 8" Palmus Eels, my arawana now shares his nightcrawlers meals with them. This is much more economical than other food sources as they are readily available at your local bait shop and online, if you are willing to farm them. And the arawana does not hesitate at all when eating them. We also have many snakes here, so the occasional frozen rat or mouse is also an economical meal. I would encourage anyone with a large enough tank, over 100 gals, to try one of these amazing fish. They will learn to love you, but no one else. It's truly an amazing and eye opening behavior.
From: N.C
I just purchased my Jardini about 2 weeks ago. At the present time I have it in a 55 gal tank. The temp is at about 80f. I have several floating plants in the tank as well. Although still very timid I still admire the looks of the fish. At the present time it has not taken freeze dried food of any kind, but it readily eats guppies.
From: Freaky_Fish_Guy
I work at pet store, and was hired on as their local fish expert. I've been experimenting with different fish, and happened to come across this up to $200 (retail) fish. I started off with the Silver, which was nice, but quickly moved on to something more majestic. My first Black Arowana got Smoked, by my 8" Shadow Fin Sharks, but my second is strong without the sharks. To those who are interested, here are a few tips. They DO take prepared food (not living). If you are to attempt at administering flakes, I must STRONGLY advise Ciclid flakes, as they are high in nutritional value. Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp (if live is not available) is good, as most breeders feed live brine shrimp. I advise mixing in about a 10% mixture of crushed Krill, 10% Plankton, and 3-5% Blood worms. 40% Brine Shrimp, and 35% Flakes. I also advise while they are growing, ALWAYS have small feeders available (Danios, Guppies, and Minnows would be superb). If a 5" Arowana is small, try raising your from 2". They'll eat when their ready. I'm looking forward to it getting older, as they do recognize their masters, and do have great love for them. It not uncommon for them to allow, and even enjoy being pet. My fish will already accept being pet for short periods of time, but longer than most any other fish would ever allow.
From: Otis
I travel a lot; I'm active duty Military and have to set up a 135 gallon tank every 3 or 4 years. Lessons learned: keep tank covered until ready to setup. Clean the inside with Johnson baby shampoo and rinse several times with warm water until clear. Do not use anything to dry the inside of the tank. Tank should be filled and filtered at least one week depending on tap water quality. In the past, depending on what country we were stationed in, we had to test the water several times a day until the PH was suitable. The Arawana is a very strong fish despite what you might read. In the states it only took 2 days to get the tank online and ready to accept the fish. I have moved this fish twice since and had it since it was 5" long. We used a 5 gallon bucket and two air stones and a couple of bags of ice to travel across country (36 hours) from California, and the fish lived. I just purchased a 6" Arawana to be kept in a 35 gallon tank until it reaches at least 10 inches. Oh, by the way, our old fish is 18 inches long and growing.
From: Marc
I have raised several of these magnificent fish and have found that the readily accept dry foods of large size: Tetra Jumbomin, dried shrimp/krill, and some floating cichlid pellets. These do not comprise more than 25-35% of total diet, but the rest of the diet is almost entirely composed of dead fish pieces - meat, entrails, roe (frozen first, then thawed to kill parasites), shrimp(from the supermarket), silversides, and smelt. Live foods are only a treat.
From: Owen
The black arowana is a beautiful fish, but don't buy it because it has that beautiful white or yellow stripe, because as it gets larger that stripe goes away and the fish become a dark gray to brownish color.

From: Jamey
Arowanas are one of the most interesting fish that I've had experience with. As a child my family had a few silver arowanas and they grew fast and we fed them anything from grasshoppers to live fish. They do jump and are very fast they seem to strike like a snake. The best things is feeding them live food and watching nature take its course. They also generally stay at the top of the tank so they are a nice fish to add to most any aquarium because they rarely mess with other large fish in an aquarium even when they get very large.
From: Malee
Fish type:Malaysian Golden arowana[(crossback) Asian]
As I experience, the golden crossback is the best of all arowana's especially the super red and blue arowana's that can only be found in Asia. Luckily, I've got 2 Malaysian gold and 1 super red grade 1. try this dude!!!!!

From: Nyarlathotep
I own a 10 inch Silver Aro. Arowana are the most graceful fish I have ever seen, I can spend hours just watching him move. Mine eats anything (Thank God)including flake food. They can be large community fish, mine is in with (all young) 2 green Severum, an Oscar and a Jaguar cichlid. They need a BIG tank though, at least 6'x2' for the South American species and 4'x2' for the others. Still the coolest fish around...

From: Giga
I have an arowana for little over a year now. He's living with 2 marble angels, 2 redtail giant gourami, 1 large pleco, and 1 spotted raphael. They get along extremely well for some reason, like a big happy family. But my silver has a a lot of golden color to it. I feed krill and sometimes goldfish and cichlid pellets. They are just that beautiful.

From: Mario
I owned two arowanas... 1 silver and 1 gold arowana. I love watching my gold one coz she 29 inch large and a very graceful swimmer which she can make me at ease whenever IM tired came from the office, I 25 pieces of gold fish in her tank to make her move and swim along with them..its good to have an arowana at home ..

From: Drew
I have a 25" silver that eats live mice, a awesome fish truly. He's in a 6 foot 110 gal tank.

From: Jenny Lim
I have one 24", 5 years old Silver Arowana in a 5 feet tank with 3 lobsters, he let me pet him from head to tail and always eyes contact, feel happy to watch him. Recently I bought one small "Jack Dempsey" in a 3 feet tank, this is the first time I keep "Jack Dempsey" hope it can grow as good as my Arowana.
From: Calvin
I have a clown knife and an awowana in the same tank they both get along pretty well together. I even noticed that the arawana some times rub up against the knife, is that strange? Tthe arowana evens chews the food for the knife so he can eat it. Is there a way to tell the sex if the knife?

From: Ghostface
The Silver Arowana is a graceful and beautiful fish. When young a 33 gallon tank is OK. However, as it grows larger you will need a tank of at least 90 to a 100 gallons. This fish requires an excellent water quality. Therefore, regular water changes are necessary. I recommend once a week. The Silver Arowana will rarely exceed 27 to 33 inches in aquariums. This is not to say that with the right food and space they will grow much larger. However, in nature they will attain sizes of 46 inches. It is not a good idea to feed them goldfish or live insects because they contain too much fat. This is important because Arowanas do get a condition in which their eyes get abnormal when they eat too much fat. A diet of frozen shrimp and krill with pellets such as Tetra Jumbo Min does provide the Arowana with an excellent nutrition. Temperature should be kept at about 72. Good tankmates would be Oscars, Severums, Tinfoil Barbs, Clown Loaches, Gouramies, Plecostomus. Make sure that the tankmates are about the same size as your Arowana. I hope this helps.

From: Joe
I have a 48 inch arowana in my 280 gal tank with a very large pacu and oscar the arowana is the king of the tank he wont mess with anybody unless they mess with him he's a slow swimmer comes to the front of the tank every time he sees me overall enjoyable fish

From: Margret
I have had two Jardinis and one silver along with a couple varieties of plecos and cichlids in my 240 gallon tank and have found that they are less aggressive when you do not give them live food. My husband from time to time gives them feeders as a treat. They are very fast fish, mine are about 14 inches long.

From: Marshall
I have an 18 inch two year old South American Black Arowana. He's in a 75 gal. tank (with several other tank mates including a Fire Eel and a Pleco). He's magnificent! He swims gracefully and has naturally assumed command of the tank. I am able to touch him when I perform the weekly water change; he is always hungriest right after the water change. I feed him beef heart, crickets, earth and meal worms and krill. He never jumps or hits the lid or glass! Pretty cool. He swims mainly midway in the tank, flexing majestically, on occasion he goes topside to 'sip' air. I look forward to having him a very long time and hopefully developing a wonderful friendship.

From: Journeyman
I have a silver arawana 16 to 18 inches long , magnificent fish , I feed 10 to 15 crickets a day for high protein content and as much krill as he wants . I have him in 90 gal. with 11 in. dojo loach , 2 13in. clownknifes , a 10 in. cavecat , and a 7 in. dragon goby . I can also pet mine with two fingers as he is my most friendly fish . Excellent asset to your tank if you have room ! Mine is as friendly as a puppy .





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