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Acanthophtalmus kuhli kuhli



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: Razor
The Kuhli loach is an amazing fish, three dimensional in its personality. My Kuhli was very elusive due to his solitude. He would hide all day and surface at night. I did not want an invisible fish so I tricked him by installing a red light in the tank. This worked well. I would turn the white light off and the red on and out would pop Kuhli. He also had a strange habit of feeding on the carcasses of dead fish, gut first usually. I recommend the Kuhli to nanyone who wants to keep their tank interesting.

From: Misti
I love my Kuhlis...though I've found they do much better when they have buddies...When I had just one kuhli I never got to see him, but now that I have a few they come out and play even when the lights are on.

From: Wendi
Very sporadic fish. Mine never seem to keep still, always charging up the tank walls. They love to burrow in marbles and Yea! My kuhli's had babies! There's now 2 new additions (that we know of) in my tank :)

From: Belinda
Everyone says that they are nocturnal. The two that we have are mates and are always swimming around, even during the day when the light is on. They definitely do need to have a mate with them. They are great buddies.

From: James
Every site I've been on says kuhli's are very shy and hide all day. There supposed to only come out at night as well, but mine are out scavenging all the time and darting around. Their brilliant fish and tend to play with the other fish in my tank.

From: John
Responding to an earlier comment made: I agree that khuli loaches are best kept in communities, but they wont die if kept alone. My striped kuhli has been alone in my 30 gallon for a year and a half now.






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