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central america


Jack dempsey

Rocio octofasciata
(Cichlasoma octofasciatum)



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: Mark Dwyer
I purchased a Blue Dempsey about a month ago. What if any is the difference between my blue and the common Jack Dempsey. He or she is growing rapidly and the color of the fish is awesome. We love it even if it is already at 2 inches pretty strong willed toward my other fish.thanks MD.

From: Jennifer
Jack Dempsey's make great fish to have. But one thing you should never do with them is put two males together that are the same size, because they will continuously pick on each other till one or the other is dead. I have had my exsperience with them.

From: Bob
I have a Jack in a 40 gallon tank with a similar size (2 inch) oscar. Originally there were two oscars, but one of them was a troublemaker and ended up getting killed by the Jack. Since his demise the remaining two get along fairly well. There is the occasional confrontation, but it usually consists of someone being chased out of one of the caves.

From: Kira
I have 2 male Jack Dempseys. There names are Comando and Fido. There very aggressive. One is 5 inches the others 4 inches together they live in a 5 gallon tank. Yes I agree it is relatively small for 2 growing Jack Dempseys. This Christmas I'll be getting a 10 gallon tank. If you have 2 aggressive Jack Dempseys or 2 mating pairs and you don't want one to kill the other I would suggest a tank separator. This way you can keep them without loosing a fin!!! :)

From: des
I just bought 2 for my 4 foot tank,they're in with 2 red tiger oscar's 2 blue acara's and doing very nice thank you

From: Preben
I have a Dempsey pair. They are very aggressive, even more aggressive when spawning. Their tankmates are a pike cichlid,an albino Oscar,pleco and some ancistrus. They get along fairly well. My Dempsey male is 8 inch.

From: anonymous
My Dempsey pair lives in a 325 L. The Albino Oscar who I told about before is 24 cm, but the Dempsey is stronger than him. I feed them guppy, earth worms, pellets and other live foods. Jack Dempsey,Midas,Salvini and Green Terror is my favorite fishs (cichlids).

From: Ed Sears
I have two good sized jack's about 3 inch with 6 inch oscars. They're highly friendly with my fish. Never fighting I think that they aren't living up to there name. Other words this fish is a good hardy fish to go with. nice colors too.

From: Red
My 4 jacks live in a 100 gallon tank,they move together and live with a 10 inch tiger shovelnosed catfish and a 8 inch bumblebee catfish. There are two males and two females. I'm adding some more females so the males do not fight.

From: John
Recently I had a 90 gallon with 3 oscars 4 dempsey, 1 serverum and a pictus. The Severums are very territorial I found out the hard way without proper fixtures in the tank. It seems right after I removed him from the tank a sickness spread through the tank also is now in the process of killing my oscars. Unfortunately they are all about 12-13" A horrible loss Starting a new tank when they go, and your site is helping me greatly.. Thanks






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