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This page will give a completely detailed profile of the selected fish, from A to Z. The profiled fish will be chosen randomly by Badman, and will come from the complete genre of tropical fish. New profiles are added on a regular basis. If you would like to submit a profile for the site please contact me. Don't forget to let us know you experiences with this fish by filling out the




Tetraodon nigroviridis



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: JL
I have had a green spotted puffer now for 3 years in a heavily brackish 29 gal tank. He seems pretty happy and healthy. I feed him a mix of fresh shrimp pieces and bloodworms frozen into ice cubes. They float on the top while he feeds, and the ice is crunchy. Seems to be fine chipping away at the ice to get at the good stuff inside. I occasionally give him pond snails, which I got from the local pet store and am breeding in a separate freshwater tank. When he was younger, I used to have to smash the snails before giving to him to get him interested in them as food. He is the cutest little creature and I love him to bits.
From: Justin
There is a WHOLE BUNCH of info missing from this profile! I am shocked that a few of the most important parts of keeping these fish are totally missing!!! First of all, they are NOT in any way fresh water fish and cannot be acclimated to fresh water long term! They will die after a year or two. They should live 20 years! They are high end brackish water or marine fish. They can start in low end brackish (sg. 1.005) but need to be raised to around sg. 1.010 by the time they are 3" and sg. 1.015+ by the time they are 6". I would recommend a bit higher though. The other thing missing is diet! They need crunchy foods such as snails or mussels, ect. To grind their teeth down and prevent them from over growing! They eventually will stop eating and die if their teeth get too big. Once a week feedings of shelled foods is best. As for stocking, the minimum would be about 30G per Puffer. Be careful with more than one puffer in any sized tank though, as they can get very aggressive towards each other!!! These fish are very sensitive to water conditions and need perfect conditions before being introduced to an aquarium. NEVER add them to an uncycled tank. They may live through it but will be very stressed by a cycle and often develop other disease or become very stunted. They are very great fish to keep but not as easy as most people think! Good luck and enjoy your puffers!
From: Justin
I have just recently got two of these little guys, at this point they are about 1 to 1 1/2 inches long and they are quite amusing. I have noticed they are chasing each other around the tank but so far nothing is missing off of one another. I feed them dried krill although I may get a couple of ghost shrimp and put them in since I do recall the lady at the store stating they made this mistake and they began eating them. I make sure their water is around 75 degrees and add a tablespoon of aquarium salt (adjust as needed as you may need more) and they are beautiful to look at every day while we eat at our dinner table. Obviously from other messages I have read I will be investing in a larger tank as it was not disclosed to me that they became so large which is just fine with me!!
From: John Heckert
I have two GSP's about an inch and a quarter each. They love to each the ghost shrimp I put in. They also like to eat fresh clam and oyster from the local grocer. I put in guppy babies for feeders but they cannot catch them and now I have a dozen guppies growning in with them. They have some trouble catching the ghost shrimp but it is entertaining watching them chase the shrimp until they catch one. Other than the shrimp fetish they have they are quite peaceful w/ the guppies and each other.
From: Jason
Have kept these fish in the past. Most people make the mistake of keeping them in a freshwater aquarium. These fish should be kept in brackish water and need to go to full marine as adults. They will live up to 20 years in these conditions. They will die very young if kept in freshwater. There immune system just cant handle and breaks down. I would also advice keeping them in a species tank or maybe a Ceylon puffer but nothing else. You also should feed crunchy food such as snails, shrimp, scallops, etc. Their teeth are constantly growing and need these to file them down. If you follow these instructions your puffer will have a long and happy life.
From: Morg
I've had several of these puffers that I keep in a brackish tank with low Spec. Grav. They take food from my fingers, including bloodworms, crabs, brine, snails, mussel, and frozen squid. They also have this amusing habit of curling up at the bottom of the tank and napping at night and mid afternoon, between feedings. I always think they are sick, but when they see my big face, the come up to the top for food. I keep mine with a stonefish, a moray, monos, archers, scats, blackfinned shark cats and some sailfin mollies. They get along well if they are all fed!

From: t.holl
What a fish! I suggest them highly. They have looks, personality, and are (at least in my opinion) pretty friendly fish. I had two that lived quite happily with two golden Gourami's, four serpae tetras and one betta. (The betta was not such a good idea...we kept an eye on the tank for about five hours with no problem. I turned my back and the puffer relieved the betta of about half of his fins.) The betta was traumatized and now resides in a new 5 gal apartment. I cant stress doing your homework on these fish BEFORE buying. I learned the hard way! Great fish!
From: James
I got four of these brutes, from a less than knowledgeable clerk. They went threw four fresh water crabs in less than three hours. Only thing left were the main claw from each individual. They haven't bothered my lacetail or my red neon, or any of my bottom feeders. I am pumping them full of shrimp just to be sure.

From: Dustin
These fish are very cool. I had two of them and a much larger Ceylon Puffer. I kept them in a Brackish water tank, I feel they do much better in it. They all got along very well, until one passed away, and I think they nibbled on the one that died before I found it. They also ate off the beautiful fins of a male Betta. They sure can take care of themselves!!

From: Michael
I've had to teeny tiny green puffers for about a month. I have to feed them brine shrimp as they will not accept any dry food and it just rots on the bottom. They're funny little guys and will fill up on the shrimp and get chubby. I can't wait until they grow.

From: Diana
I have had a green puffer for 3 months now. Putter doesn't bother anybody. He's in with angels, silver dollars, discus and bala sharks. A friend got a figure 8 puffer who got bit so I ended up with him. They are the best of friends and totally non-aggressive. They eat flakes, shrimp pellets and dried bloodworms. I've never seen them "puff" but they sure get fat when they eat. Completely freshwater, they are quite active.

From: Richard
I have 2 puffers in my 75 gallon cichild tank. They seem to blend into the community well. They are seem to be curious about the world outside the tank and are the first to greet me when I come home, even thought they did kill 2 snails

From: Micah
Had about five in a tank--my favorite kind of fish!!! Had a situation where I needed to transfer a goldfish into my puffer tank for about a month or 2.--they lived VERY peacefully together. Never had a problem out of them. They remind me of hovering helicopters!! :)
Wanna get rid of your snail population? I couldn't KEEP a snail if I WANTED to!!! (perfect if you don't want snails)






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