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This page will give a completely detailed profile of the selected fish, from A to Z. The profiled fish will be chosen randomly by Badman, and will come from the complete genre of tropical fish. New profiles are added on a regular basis. If you would like to submit a profile for the site please contact me. Don't forget to let us know you experiences with this fish by filling out the




Tetraodon nigroviridis



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: Marcus
I've had one puffer in my tank now for about 3 weeks. He's one of the coolest fish I've ever owned. When I first got him he made his presence known to all by slowly and methodically beating the sh__ out of every fish I have!! Not an easy task, considering my smallest fish is about 5 times his size! I have 2 red devils 1 green terror 4 assorted Africans and one really mean albino tiger oscar. He almost killed him. I keep him very well fed now and he has not attacked since. If I had to discribe my puffer in 1 word...I'd have to say SCRAPPY!!!

From: Cindi
Friends gave us 2 puffers for our community tank. The first day, our parrot cichlid took care of one of them, but we got his body out of the tank before he was eaten. The remaining puffer, Small Fry, did nip at our betta's tail, and was regularly chased by the cichlid, so we isolated him in a guppy tank for a couple of weeks. When we let him go, he retreated to a bush for protection and did just fine. However, we took many tank decorations out this morning, and it was fun watching him dart around the tank. I went out shopping for a couple of hours, and when I came home, the cichlid was dead and Small Fry is gone. I don't know if the puffer was poisonous or if poor Pete (the Parrot) choked on him :(

From: Dan
This small puffer is in my 55 gal community tank with various species and sizes. I introduced two of these small puffer to search and destroy any pond snails that may have accidentally smuggled in on plants. So far they have done a very good job. After a week of being in the tank I haven't seen anymore snails. They seem to be keeping to themselves so far, although I did see one of them getting too close to my little ghost shrimp, maybe he was just curiuos.

From: Brian
I have had my puffer for 2 years. When we first put the puffer in the tank two tetras were killed within a few days. My wife made me return the remaining tetras and danios as she feared any further National Geographic shows in our tank. Ever since, puffer has lived peacefully with our bala shark and pictus catfish. He lets us know when he is hungry because we will see bite marks out of our Bala's fin. Now we make sure to feed him lots of blood worms (which he eats like spaghetti). He leaves Bala and Catfish alone as long as his stomach is full.
From: jOn
I've 2 green puffer fish. There are v.aggressive in my 3 1/2 feet tank together with my other tropical fish. But they eat tetra fish. So what I do is I separate that 2 green puffer in another small tank. What I want to share is they did not need to use air pump to service if the water is clean and clear. You get to know when you need to change the water when green puffer lower body from white color change to grey color.

From: Jammi
I just got two of these little guys ad they are doing very well in they're new environment. I have angels, parrot, tetras, sword tails, iridescent sharks, catfish, eels, and many more. They are fitting in well.

From: Christy
I just got me a tiny puffer( bout the size of my pinky nail) and he is always hiding and never comes out so I can't tell if he is doing well or not, since this is my first, and he is always at the bottom of the tank ? and he stays away from the other fish , I have a few cherry barbs and some sword tails , and a few gold snails. he is so unsocialble !!

From: Brandon
I first had my green puffer in a small 10G freshwater tank. I got bored with that and set up a small 5g brackish water tank. He devoured most of the fish in there. I read somewhere that they can be put in a full marine (saltwater) environment. I gradually increased the salt content in the brackish tank until it was full marine. My puffer is now blissfully happy eating all my hermit crabs in my 55g saltwater tank.

From: I hate my puffer, he's mean
Hi! I bought 1 green puffer and I tried to put him in my tank because many people do not have a problem doing that. The damn fish ate my newts arm off and chewed off part of his tail. He was very aggressive to every fish in my tank. And I stuck my finger in the water when I was feeding it and the damn thing bit me. I HATE MY FISH, but he's so cute lol

From: Randy
My Green Puffer is in a community tank with 2 White-Tipped Cat Fish, 3 Scats, 3 Silver Dollars, and a Bottom Feeder. The Puffer doesn't bother any of the others (no nipping). However, the crabs did not survive. I later learned that Puffers eat Crabs. Puffers are beautiful fish - are easy to care for, and will eat almost anything, but prefer blood worms (if your puffer is small in size).

From: Robert
We added a puffer to our tank prior to having researched any information on the species. We happened to be at the fish store when they received their shipment and the fishkeeper had no information to give us on the species. Our puffer, which we lovingly call "Puffy", acclimated well to our 72 gallon tank and gets along peacefully with all of his tank mates which include: Snakeskin gouramis, angel fish, Pleco, and an elephant nose. We only had one occurrence when the male snakeskin gourami touched the puffer with his feelers a few times too many and the puffer swelled up. Since then they are the best of buddies and share the bloodworms or any other treats added to the tank. The puffer has been a great addition to our tank and I would recommend keeping a puffer to anyone.
From: Garret
My puffer ate 6 fish in 8 days. I purchased 3 tiger barbs and they shredded his fins until he died along with my knifefish.
From: Jennie
Our puffer lives with tetras and plec's,he is very peaceful to the other fish,likes mussels and winkles to eat,and will eat from your fingers(be careful of those teeth!!)We have found he is quiet and his colours are pale in temperatures in the low 70's but has a rave and glows with color in the higher 70's.
From: Gabriel
I have this fish in with gouramis,rainbow shark, and 2 5 inch pictus. It hasn't really bothered the other fish. It just nips every once in a while. My puffer is still a baby.
From: Anon
I have had 2 of these beasties for a couple of months now, they are the best fish ever, and are so adorable, they provide a entertaining show when ever they eat, my friends looovvveee them. I was smart enough to research them at school once and know they are very aggressive toward many fish. We keep them with scats and they behave very well.
From: Melvin
I am very confused.....I have green puffer it looks just like all the pictures on this site.....the mom and pop store I bought him from said he was a green puffer. I took him down to the local reef store and they again said it was a green puffer.....only thing is he is in c community Saltwater tank....I keep the tank at 1.026 specific gravity. Which the pare of pecula clowns which are in my tank seem to like.....he has not harmed any of my hermit crabs.....he has just been going around eating the plankton and other small animals in the if they are a fresh water fish how can he survive well in my full saltwater tank ?





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