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Photo from: "Atlas Aquarium fishes", A TFH publication.

Thorichthys meeki



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: BDN
Date: 03/06/2002
Firemouth cichlids are the most beautiful cichlids I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I have had a 7" male in a 50g with mollies,swords,guppies,etc, and he never ate or threatened any of until he died. They are very interesting to watch(especially when they are breeding and you have more than one pair in the same tank).

From: Kerry
Date: 03/08/2002
Whoever wrote that Firemouths aren't aggressive and keep to themselves only need meet mine. He doesn't get along with anything in the tank, including the oscar that is almost twice his size. I keep a Cory in with him to keep things clean and he spends most of his time running for his life. Although aggressive, he is one of my favorites. I once had one breed with a Texas believe it or not.

From: Ming Li
Date: 03/14/2002
Great fish. Can be aggressive but mine is peaceful and shy. Never isolate this species, BUY TWO. I bought ONE and he never ever came out of his cave except when I turn my light off at night. Never eat until lights are off. Easy to feed, eats everything. Mine grew at a fairly rate and is doing fine. Are compatible with most cichlids and big semi- aggressive fish. SHOULD ALWAYS PROVIDE HIDING PLACES, could do with pots and rock arrangements. Amazon sword plant is the only plant I could think of if plants are kept. Prepared foods and vegetables should be given and sometimes live but it's a chance of introducing diseases, so CHOOSE the feeders, buy plain ones, never buy ones with deformed body and black eye(s). if you see them, BUY TWO, you'll not regret(only if it's not a community tank that you have). by the way I'm 13, but I'm an experienced aquarisit, so never think kids can't take good care of animals(fishes, not iguanas)!!!!!!

From: catalyst
Date: 03/29/2002
I have one that is very very passive, I keep it with a goldfish. It bothers the goldfish sometimes but they usually leave each other alone.

From: K. Case
Date: 05/04/2002
Firemouth cichlids are beautiful fish. It was the fist ciclid I ever had and I still have it. Every now and then they will fight with others for food or a cave that's all. They do great with South American cichlids convicts oscars jack dempseys etc. If you are interested in cichlids get a Firemouth

From: Brea
Date: 05/16/2002
I had my first firemouth 8 years ago and recently bought 2 6mo ago. One became so aggressive I had to get rid of him, the other one gets along great with my African cichilds. That is if Cichlids get along . . . :0)

From: Kev
Date: 06/23/2002
I woke up one morning to find he had eaten all my fish in a community tank,he is about 3" long, I moved him to a tank on his own but cant find any thing to put with him because if I try to put a fish with him he attacks it straight away, but he is also very shy and is hidden a lot.

From: Jesse
Date: 07/03/2002
I have two Firemouths in two separate tanks. The reason I had to move one was because one was very aggressive and kept attacking the other. The aggressive one still is an angry guy, he goes after the Pleco in the tank with him occasionally, and the Pleco is about 3 inches bigger! They are very beautiful fish and very interesting to watch. They love little caves built from rock formations and they love to peek out into the room to watch what you are doing. I currently have seven tanks of varying sizes with tons of different fish but the firemouths are my favorite.

From: Jonny
Date: 07/07/2002
I own a Firemouth and have done for about 2 years now. He lives with an Oscar, Gold Serverum, Frontosa, Electric Blue Hap Ahli and 2 Gouramis And 2 Big Catfish one which is about 5 and A sailfin Pleco about 1 and a half...but anyway my firemouth like any other is a pretty aggressive fish he even chases the Oscar which is only new...same size for now ! But over all a fantastic fish fun to watch the Frontosa and firemouth glaring at each other.....ooh and I also have a krib older than the firemouth most aggressive krib I have ever seen!

From: Olie
Hi, I'm Oliver and I recently bought, I've had him for three months now and I don't know why everyone says they are aggressive because they aren't. I keep him in a tank with guppies(two adults and 56 babies too be exact) some of the babies are a few days old and the others are just getting colour. I also have a breeding pair of kribs and was the dominant male of every fish in the aquarium, when ever a tetra tried to breed, he was there to scare the living day lights out of them. And recently he died and I put another male in from the breeding tank I had him in and as soon as he was released in to the water, he and the firemouth had eyes locked because they were roughly the same size. There was a small battle over who would be the supreme male of the tank, and the firemouth won flippers down.

From: ACE
What can I say about a firemouth that hasn't already been said. I have had this fish since 1993. He is enormous, 6-8 inches long. He has killed every fish that I have put in the tank, he even killed two very aggressive fish that were supposed to be more aggressive than him. I wouldn't take anything for him. He is very very fast and hard to catch when I clean his aquarium. I'm not sure of the average life span of a firemouth, but 9 1/2 years seems like a long time for a fish. I would recommend this fish to anyone. My firemouths name is Moby, for good reason, again he is very aggressive, he has even tried to bite me on many occassions.

From: tiger
I had a beautiful tank given to me and once I had the eco system perfect, stocked it with African and south American cichlids. Unfortunately, my fire mouths were getting the literal crap beat out of them! we moved them into a hastily prepared 10 gallon that had two tiny tiger barbs. The poor male's fins were just chewed and we weren't sure he would pull through. The female wasn't quite as beat up (I think because she is less aggressive and more reclusive). These beautiful fish recovered swiftly.(These fish had been in the 10 gallon approximately 6 weeks). and just last weekend we went out of town. Came back, and holy ****! All the sudden there is a giant cloud of Fry in the bottom of the tank! It is just great! We have an amazing tank of Africans, with seven different species of fish, and we are constantly in the other room entranced by our not so little fire mouth family. Now the only problem is that even though we have kept and raised different types of communities, we have NO CLUE what to do! what do the fry eat? when/should we separate the babies? How old do the fry need to be before we give/sell the babies??? We are already getting offers of money for the fry, and I got the pair of fire mouths free from my work to make room for a new shipment, and no one had been willing to take agressive fish home to their non agressive tanks. If any one has Any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated !! thanx, tiger.







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