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This page will give a completely detailed profile of the selected fish, from A to Z. The profiled fish will be chosen randomly by Badman, and will come from the complete genre of tropical fish. New profiles are added on a regular basis. If you would like to submit a profile for the site please contact me. Don't forget to let us know you experiences with this fish by filling out the

South America


Blue coral platy
Red High fin platy
Gold comet platy

Xiphophorus Maculatus



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: Alex
My platys have become my favorite fish. Their colors are so stunning, they really show up well in my tanks. They are extremely peaceful and active. A joy to watch!

From: Amit
Hi The platy is very nice fish when I started 6 months before I had two but when I was adding a pair of gold fish my local fish shop owner they are fin nipper if u want to add gold fish you have to remove them even today I also don't know it is right or not but in first look as compare to molly & swordtail they they are better fish

From: Trevor
I think that the platy is one of the most peaceful fish there is. They don't bother any of the fish in my tank and they swim around like they are so happy all the time.






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