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This page will give a completely detailed profile of the selected fish, from A to Z. The profiled fish will be chosen randomly by Badman, and will come from the complete genre of tropical fish. New profiles are added on a regular basis. If you would like to submit a profile for the site please contact me. Don't forget to let us know you experiences with this fish by filling out the


Long fin variety

Brachydanio rerio


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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: matt
I have a zebra danio in with my cichlids and he does just fine! Although he chases my salvini (which only about an inch long! HAHA) It was suppose to be a feeder but he's lasted over two months now and there is no signs of him leaving anytime soon!

From: Robert
Really pretty fish. I have one and am interested in getting more...

From: David
You may be breeding these fish already without knowing it. When I vacuum my gravel and I use the water for my houseplants and to grow water Hyacinth in on my balcony. One morning to my surprise I noticed little fish swimming around under the leaves of the water Hyacinth. They were already about 1 cm long and I hadn't done a thing to help them. Apparently the infusorians in this 5 gallon container were enough to keep a few of them alive.

From: Martin
You have to love this fish! Easy, good to look at, great behavior and can be kept with anything that won't eat them. Anyone can breed these fish and it's fun not just for beginners. If you want to go for something different, get a large tank and put in a big school of danios. Nobody will ever say they are ugly again! These are a lot of fish in a small package! One and only one condition: keep 3 of these as a bare minimum. They will play their chasing game with other species if they can't play with their own and other fish will not be up to the challenge. Rearing the fry is easy but make sure you keep only the amount of fry you want to have as adults. Trying to raise them all makes it that much harder and why would you?

From: Ruhl
I have been studying the Zebra or Convict Cichlid for a few years now in conjunction with my studies in college. They are generally very easy to keep but do have varying personalities... much like the Jack Dempsey Cichlid. Today for instance I checked on a breeding tank with a particularly aggressive female in it only to find that she had broken her mate's spine and that he was getting around with only his pectorals. If anyone has any questions concerning these colorful, active, and hardy fish please feel free to e-mail me. Good luck

From: Sean
A beautiful fish. I keep my one with 5 goldfish, two young sucking loaches,a leopard danio and a white cloud. I feed it goldfish flakes, peas and tubiflex worms.

From: Hedge
This fish is as tough as a old boot and has great character. My first set all died when I had new tank syndrome, but two of the danios survived. One has leapt out of the tank, survived the new tank syndrome, and THREE YEARS later she's still going strong. I love them and they're the best starter fish I can think of.

From: Lauren
I have had my Zebra Danios and Pristella Tetras together for about a year now. My danios are peaceful, and active. They don't bother the tetras at all.

From: Lisa
These are amusing little fish. They never seem to get tired!! Always speeding around the tank...great fish!I love them!!

From: Vonda
I have to say Zebra Danios all the way!! I think they are beautiful fish, fun, playful. My two larger ones will over come the fear of my finger in the tank and will come nibble on my finger along with my barbs, tickles and very cute! I can also feed they by holding food down in the water and they take it! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! :)







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