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Bumblebee Goby

Brachygobius Xanthozona



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: Isabel
I've had a couple of these little ones for about 2 months now and they have adapted wonderfully to the tank. I was fearful about feeding them but they happily take frozen foods, (as long as it happens to land directly in front of them). They are hardy and feisty and hold their own well with the yoyo loaches and platys in the tank as well. A great addition.
From: Drew
I recently got 2 of these little guys from a local pet shop. Prior to getting them, however, I scoured every online site with these fish in it and found that, universally, they loved caves and hiding places. Realizing this, I had set up a few ( 2 or 3 small glass cups on their sides, covered with gravel except the opening) around the tank. After adding the fish to the tank, they seemed very shy at first, but did not go into any of the caves. They seemed to only like a flat area of gravel behind an underwater statue. After a few days, I moved one of the "caves" closer to that spot, and they can now be seen frequently camping out in it. Great little fish if you have the time and patience to take care of them properly. P.S. They do fine in a freshwater tank, mine a 10 gallon.
From: Laurie
I have had two bumblebees in my ten gallon tank for about two years now under normal water conditions. They can be territorial with each other at times but leave mind their business with the other serpaes, glowlights and yo yo loach in the tank. Also they only eat flaked food and maybe frozen blood worms from time to time, never frozen food. Maybe I have freak fish, but when I found this web site stating they were finicky and need brackish water I had to mention that it is not so in all cases.
From: Dylan
A very interesting little bull dog of a fish. If you want them to breed get a 20 gallon long get about 10 of them,raise the salinity to 1.05-1.010 slowly before adding them. Also add some little caves and a lot of Java fern and Java moss. A great idea would to put some empty snail shells in their tank since in the wild they mostly lay their eggs in them.-A perfect fish that can be kept in a tank anywhere form 5 gallons and up with no problem if its in brackish and you have plenty of brine shrimp on hand. Two favorite foods are black worms and brine shrimp.
From: Nicole
I have had two bumble gobies for about a year and they are a good addition to my community tank. When I first bought them they were incredibly shy for a few weeks. I saw them a few times go after flake food and sometimes they would spit it out and sometimes they would eat it. After a while I purchased live brine shrimp and they went crazy. Their stomachs were about twice their normal size. After that, they went after anything that floated near them. Sometimes they can be a little aggressive toward my other fish but they never harm the fish. They are great little guys!
From: Mel
I got several Bumblebee Gobies (1 male 1 female)and put them in a freshwater tank and have successfully been feeding them frozen bloodworm and brineshrimp, they are also feeding on an outbreak of planaria in the tank. A few months later, after reading they needed salt I added it at 1tps per 5 gal which made them more active. One day after the addition of Java fern and Java moss, a 50% water change the heater was accidentally left off (temp dropped to 72.f) and I found the fish madly spawning (in the roots of the Java fern). Babies hatched about 4 days later. Apparently this successfully simulated a rainstorm in which they like to spawn. They have spawned several times since (no special conditions)
From: Chad
I have 1 Bee with a GSP in a 37 Gal brackish tank. He will only eat live food, and loves worms more than anything. Watch the salt though, I've seen on some web sites that this fish is brackish to full marine. However when the level of salt goes up above 1.019 he hides out a lot!! Also when the salt goes below 1.010. He still pokes himself out to eat but then right back in his hole with too much salt. With a SG of 1.014-1.016 however he swims around quite a bit, actually a lot. I recently had a bad disease outbreak due to an addition to the tank(reason behind salt differences)and this guy never got it, definitely a hardy fish.

From: Erik
I have never had any problems with these guys, they have been one of my favorite fish in my tank. Mine came in fresh water so I put them in my tank with freshwater and have had them for almost a year and not one out of the six I have has shown signs of distress or ever gotten sick. I also have some big rocks with holes all over(lava rock I think) and they each take their own hole and guard it. They always eat brine shrimp and bloodworms,and both are always frozen. They eat them when they are in mid water. If you have good circulation of the water then they will eat them thinking that they are alive, if you do have good circulation just take out the filter cartridge when you feed them so it nothing gets sucked into the filter and stays.

From: Em
I was so amazed to find out that someone else is keeping his or her bumblebees with guppies! Way to go, Evan! I, myself, have a semi-brackish tank wherein I keep a guppy pair along with 4 bumblebee gobies. Gobies have a reputation of being fin nippers, so I was worried that my little guppies would get beat up. But, so far, so good! Everyone in my "G-tank" is getting along just fine. And yes, the gobies are thriving on a combination of live, frozen, and flake food. They are very good eaters and do not bother the other fish in the tank...only each other! :)





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