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Kissing Gourami

Helostoma temminckii



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: anonymous
I have two kissing fish, I really enjoy watching them. The bigger one of the two is kind of aggressive towards the other one I guess that is kind of normal from what I hear. They are the neatest fish I have ever seen, and fun to watch

From: Derek
I've kept both the pink kissers and the green kissers. I think the green kissers are the natural strain of the species, and they seem to be less aggressive of the two. They are cool fish, but you will find that one fish in a school of these will fight for and maintain dominance. The kissing seems to be part of the dominance ritual. I had two about the same size, and they constantly battle for supremacy. A nice fish to keep, but I would recommend the green over the pink strain.
From: Stephany Knowlden
These fish are amazing they are fun to watch, well when I brought mine home It look like it was exited to have a new home and it would swim around and it was like a talent show but it's really fun to watch!
From: Joe
Just came in from work and went to feed the fish, what do I see? Over 100 baby fish swimming around. DADDY seems interested, too interested in them. I'm sure he's eaten his fill and then some. MOTHER remains at the bottom of the tank. Daddy keeps chasing her down there. I'm taking both parents out of the tank as soon as I get another tank ready tonight. I've had the fish since November and really surprised they had so many little one's.
From: Shanna
I have 2 pink gouramis, 1 iridescent shark, 3 gold fish, 1 crazy morr, 2 bettas(male/female), 1 paradise fish, 1 algae eater, and 2 swordtail fish, and they all seem to get along fine with each other. They make a great addition to my tank!
From: Viveka
I have a pink kisser fish name kitty. I just liked the name and I had no idea that when I brought it home that it would be so appropriate. She attacked and ate all four other fish in the tank. One by one she killed them. At first I was extremely mad, but I just bought more fish which she ate one again. Now she has the whole tank to her self. I have had her for about three years now and I love her to death. How long do they live anyway?
From: From: Heath
Keep with other large gouramis, large barbs, loaches, and large docile cichlids. I've grown them to around a foot in length in a stock tank outside. They spawned a few times but a cold spell hit and they either froze or jumped out before I could rescue them.

From: From: Nathan
We have two pink kissers in our 55-gallon tank. Their names are tweedle-dum and tweedle-dummer, they are quite possibly the dumbest fish on the face of the earth. When we first got them they were small and could not seem to eat the large pieces of flake food, of course they ignored the smaller pieces altogether. In spite of their low I.Q. they are very entertaining. They eat algae and then swim around the tank with dirty faces. They grow fast, ours doubled in size in less than a year. Ours have not been aggressive either






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