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Green terror

Aequidens rivulatus



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: Beth
My tanks have frequently been described as anomalies of nature. I believe that Green Terrors have a very undeserved reputation for aggressiveness. I have had a beautiful male and female for 7 years now. The tank is a 125 gallon with various black mollies, parrot cichlids, swordtails, archer fish, African butterflies, electric blues, a couple Peruvian puffers, sawtooth cat, hatchets, pipe fish, and a male betta. None of these fish, especially the terrors, have ever shown any aggressiveness with others. I keep them well feed with fresh live food weekly, frozen variety daily, and some regular flake/granule foods. The tanks is set up intricately with many territories. My terrors are anything but terrible. They are sweet, social, and love to be viewed. I think that if fish are not under the illusion that they fight (i.e. eat)for survival and plenty of top notch foods are provided, they will show their TRUE colors, in every sense of the word. Happy fish keeping! Fish R Fun!

From: Jason
Hi I've noticed that its hard to find information about breeding red devils online I have a Full grown breeding pair. And the interesting thing about it is I've always been told that u can tell its a male by the knott but in this case the female has a very large one indeed and the male has one smaller than she,although he is approx. 2 inches bigger. She is pretty much a dwarf 8" and the male is 10.5" I've breed many types of cichlids in my time and I'm only 21 I can tell any tropical fishes sex by the genitalia. I am also capable of taking pictures of them and writing how to breed them for your site. Please respond if u would like to have great pix.

From: Brian
The green terror is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful fresh water aquarium fish. But they do live up to their name. It is very difficult to find a tank mate that will not be killed by this fish. Other fish must be strong enough to protect itself or fast enough to stay clear of this "terror"!
From: Natalie
Bought 2 baby terrors on the Sunday, Jerry laid eggs on the Wednesday and they hatched the following Saturday. They're really easy to look after, very intelligent and obviously breed quite well. As long as we give them a mixed diet (everything from pellets to dried and frozen food) and give them plenty to play with then they're a joy to watch.
From: Kevin
I've had my green terror for about a year and he is the most personable fish I've ever seen. I did find that a Plecostomus works really well with them because they have a hard back so the terror can't eat em.
From: Paul
This is one mean son of a bitch...he killed a clown knife, a red devil, an oscar, a red tailed shark, and a hong kong cat fish...i've only had him for three months and he's only 3 1/2 inches long...he does well with my jack dempsey, firemouth, and other African advise is, if it's not a cichlid, and is smaller , don't put it in the tank...this is a bad ass but beautiful fish
From: Zack
Green Terror's can be very aggressive. I have one and he was 5 inches and I also had a Jack dempsy,African cichlids,red devels and 2 oscars they were all bigger than me green terror and my green terror killed them all.
From: George
Great fish. When they are young they can be kept with other aggressive cichlids, however, once they are fully grown they should be kept alone. The only fish I think that may be fast enough or mean enough to be kept with a Green Terror are convicts or Jack Dempseys. Just my experience.
From: Meacham
My Green Terror is unlike any other I have seen,read about,or have been told of,with in my meager five years of aquaria surroundings. He is a generous eight inches in length, a proud four and a half, no five inches tall, and a solid two inches thick. Along with the most vibrant iridescent greens, aqua's, silvers, oranges, blues and of course its outline of black. Lives on crickets, hot-dogs(cut up), brine shrimp, cockroaches, moths, mosquitoes and all size feeders, including raw red meat, ground beef etc Flake food and sticks mostly his average meal. Lives peacefully along side with a not much smaller Malawi Blue and a fossilized foot long pleco(sucker), coral bottom, excellent in helping keep pH factor high, odd sized irregular rock formations surviving with a powerhead admitting air bubbles for surface agitation a Magnum H.O.T. Filter w/bio wheel and a standard two foot fluorescent light and tube style heating element all inside a sixty gallon acrylic environment. Healthy, Strong, Tough, Happy, Mean...GREEN! I'll send pictures within these next two weeks.







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