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This page will give a completely detailed profile of the selected fish, from A to Z. The profiled fish will be chosen randomly by Badman, and will come from the complete genre of tropical fish. New profiles are added on a regular basis. If you would like to submit a profile for the site please contact me. Don't forget to let us know you experiences with this fish by filling out the

South America


oto cat,Otocinclus sp.

Otocinclus sp.



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: Chelsea
These are the greatest little creatures. I have one in my 29 gallon with corydoras,livebearers,gouramis,tetras,and a pleco. The oto is doing a better job than my pleco in the algae eating game. My whole tank is clean from him! I really recommend this lovely little fish for those of you with algae problems
From: Natalie
Otos are a great addition to a planted tank. They are industrious algae eaters who will clean any surface in the tank. They are very gentle on leaves and never seem to damage the plants. While otos don't eat every kind of algae, bba is a notable exception, they are great with most green algae and diatoms. Otos are very gentle fish and fit in well in a community tank of tetras or other non-agressive fish. I don't think that you can support more than 1 oto per 10 gal of tank, just because there isn't likely to be enough algae to keep a higher population healthy. If your tank is large enough to support 2-3, they do seem to like the company of other otos. I understand that some people have had difficulty with otos. While they are not the hardiest fish in the world, my experience has been that, if they survive quarantine, they will be just fine. A wonderful little fish, I highly recommend for anyone with a planted tank.
From: Beth
I've found the charming little Oto's to be one of the most efficient algae cleaners around!I put one little Oto in my 55 gal. and in a matter of days all the algae was gone!The Oto takes up little space in my tank allowing me to have room for other desired fish,I highly recommend them!Now that the algae is gone,I feed my Oto fresh spinach leaves which have been frozen prior to placing in the tank(to soften),algae tabs,and spirulina flakes. From research I've done they do seem to be sensitive to chemicals though,so a well established tank is important,but you can't beat these little fellows for cleaning up the algae,the glass,rocks,plants,wood, and other ornaments,look like new!





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