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South America



Pygocentrus nattereri



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From: neal Z
Well I have a newer 10 gallon tank 3 months old. I started with one red bellied, and added 10 small tiger barbs,6 small blood finned tetras. Everything was all right until two weeks ago. My red bellied ate 4 barbs, 2 blood fins, so far. I realize the killer will get bigger and need a new tank, but dose a meat diet provide a heathy life for a red belly?

From: Nick
I have 6 red belly piranha in a 77 gal tank ,I have had them for about 2 months now. They are all about 2 to 3 inches in length and are growing very fast. I have found that they do like to eat flake foods but not just. They seem to like beef heart and blood worms the most. I have also found that it is a good idea to have a good number of smaller feeder fish in the tank to stop or slow the piranha's tendency for attacking other fish in the tank. It is not a good idea to have Tiger Barbs in the same tank because the Barbs will just die of stress or being killed. For some reason the Piranha have a tendency to attack bigger fish in the same tank before they kill or eat the smaller fish. If you have any questions , you can contact me through icq. my icq number is 157195715 thx

From: Joel, Jason and Pat
We have 6 piranha that have bred 4 times in the last 2 months, we have healthy 4 week old juveniles and 4 day old fry. Contact us if you have interest or questions about them.

From: Chris
I have 5 Red Bellied Piranhas. In the tank with them I have a Plecostomus. They have never attacked or done anything to it. I was just sure to have the Plecostomus in the aquarium before I got the Piranhas. I have had them for now 6 months and they have doubled in size, due to how much I feed them, everyday!!!

From: Chris
I have a piranha that is about 2'' long and would like to say that in there natural habitat which is the Amazon they like shade and shelter so I would recommend floating plants in the home aquarium.

From: Jennie
My son and I have 6 red bellies, only about 1.5 inches long 5 mths ago but about 3 inches now, they were incredibly shy at first,we gave them hiding places,and put layers of greaseproof paper under the tank light to shield their eyes. At first we hardly saw them,but now they are getting braver and so we get to watch these beautiful fish more. They eat winkles,mussels and occasional pieces of chicken or beef. We keep the tank crystal clear by weekly about 10%water changes and gravel hovering,our Fluval 304 does the rest. Everyone who sees them is amazed at how beautiful they are.

From: Willie
I have 14 rb`p in a tank 5 foot long 4 foot high and 3 foot wide. They eat everything but the pleco. I breed guppies to feed them and they are really badass fish. Mine are in a room with alot off activity 2 young children not skittish at all when you come up to the tank they swim up and down following. One off them a 4 inch when my youngest daughter is at the tank always comes over and sits down on the gravel for as long as she is there she talks to it and its as if it sees here as a friend the others are just mad. I feed them also mice fur removed . On a daily basis they eat around 8 mice 10g off tubifex worm 6 beefheart cubes and usually as many guppies as I put in .The guppies only for the fun off watching them hunt them down. Most off my tank is well lit but have plants which cast shadows and purple white light. They do spawn about every 3 to 4 weeks. I remove them and put in a separate tank. The put them in when around 1 inch in size the also with being small get treated as feeders. Also my tank is well filtered I have 3 filters which empty the tank each at 30 times and hour so it keeps the tank crystal clear. As for pH many people treat it I don't and never had a sick fish ever just additives for the usual chlorine metals etc..... Also lots off caves for the fish to hide in but they don't really go into them. they also have the tank pretty much split up between them. hope this helps or answers for pps with a question.may not work for everyone

From: Donny
I have a red-bellied piranha I raised from an 1.5", now its 6" long. Through my experience with my piranha, they don't seem to like a lot of light. They're also somewhat easily spooked if you move fast around the tank and will cause them to trash the tank. I've fed my piranha beef, chicken, pork, and goldfish. They'll eat anything that's meat. I've also noticed with my piranha is that it prefers to hunt with the lights off, unless he's starving.

From: Chris B.
I love them to bits I love feeding, cleaning and watching them of course. I've got 4 and there in the middle of there colour change from silver to a dark brown colour they are a joy to keep.

From: Jeremy K.
I also had 3 piranhas and two of them eventually ate one and so on. I now have one in a 29 gallon tank and it will hide if the light is on and not come out unless I turn it off. Its about 7-8 inches and is very healthy. It takes on fish about 3/4 its side and wont eat anything smaller then about 3/4 an inch(my only logic for this is they are to fast and its not worth its time to eat because of me keeping it well fed). They move very quickly and I highly recommend having a very well built tank for them because they have been known to break glass. If I sneak up on it on accident it will smash against the rocks splashing water and hitting the glass. This is a extremely intelligient fish and its amazing to watch







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