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This page will give a completely detailed profile of the selected fish, from A to Z. The profiled fish will be chosen randomly by Badman, and will come from the complete genre of tropical fish. New profiles are added on a regular basis. If you would like to submit a profile for the site please contact me. Don't forget to let us know you experiences with this fish by filling out the

South america



Pterophyllum Scalare



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Please remember that the following comments are personal experiences and may or may not apply to your setup. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will behave differently under different circumstances.


From: Ashley
I have had my Angel for about 6 months and it has a great personality. It can be shy, and at times very aggressive toward my smaller fish. Out of all my fish, the angel is the best because of its beauty.

From: Taylor
I think that the Angel Fish is one of the best fish there is. My fish really really likes flakey food I mean by it just charges up there when I drop it in there. But I think it is one of the best fish there is it has natural beauty even though they are aggressive.

From: Margaret
I have four angles all with diverse and amusing feeding habits. The largest simply waits for the food to float down onto the Java fern and delicately picks off the best morsels, the second places itself in the stream of the jet filter and opens its mouth to allow the food to enter, the third rushes around dementadley snatching at any passing object followed closely by the smallest, who waits patiently for the third to spit out any unwanted bits!!!!!. A lovely fish for the aquarium gives hours of pleasure

From: Patrick
My Angel eats out off my hand and loves to watch me while I am at my computer desk,A great fish(also tends to be the police force in the tank)

From: Andy
Angels love to eat small feeder fish such as White Cloud Feeders. Also love many other live foods From: Jerrem
My young and shy angel fish wouldnt eat flake food. not in front of me anyhow. so i got another one which doesnt seem to like flakes either much. gave them some mosquito larve out of the back yard and they loved it. they are getting more active now but still are snobs about flake food. ill be damned if im gonna cultivate live food for them all the time. but any way there a cool fish. they look really cool and havent been any trouble to the other fish which are all smaller.

From: Michael
I have five tanks, and wanted one just for angels. I tried for about 6 months and every angel I got died. After going through several different batches, one was on its last legs, with its fins eaten all the way to the nubs with either fungus or the I dunno's. I put him in a small tank on the bottom shelf in the dark and forgot about him, thinking he'd die soon and no since watching it happen. I did occasionally throw in some food just to ease my conscious. That darn fish wouldn't die! Next thing I know he's growing his fins back and now is the biggest, healthiest fish I have. He's a gold pearl about 5 inches tip to tip. His pals are another 5 inch golden marbled, and 4 striped pearls that I got as babies, a female betta, a lace gourami, 2 marbled hatchetfish, and a green panchax, in a 55-gallon. It's the highlight of my room! Don't give up! Angels are the bomb!

From: Jesse
I bought one angel fish to start with some smaller fish. That fish did just fine until I bought two mainly black (I guess they look like marbles) ones along with four guppies. It has been four days and all my guppies died because of the fin nipping. Oh well. I can't get rid of the angel fish, they follow my finger. lol

From: lilly
I love the angel fish because it is so pretty, my friend has one it spends most of its life behind a rock )I hope to have my guide turn into one . p.s love the site!

From: Jakub
I've been reading reading the other comments and I disagree that angelfish are aggressive because I have two beautiful males and they are the most peaceful of all my fish. I am also thinking of starting a community tank just for my angelfish!

From: Aaron
I had two Angels that paired off and started breeding. I was never so happy. I came home late one night and my son was up saying "I feed fish daddy." I wen t into the living room to discover that he had dumped a large can of food into the tank. I put him to bed and did an emergency cleaning but still lost one fish. Three days later I lost the other fish. I guess even fish can die from a broken heart. It was a disappointment. But I did get the enjoyment of raising them from the size of a quarter to that point.

From: Tony
I once had an Angel named PETER. He lived for many years and was my pride and joy. One day a visitor extinguished his cigarette in my tank and Peter was no more. I was so upset that I never had fishes since. I had kept the tank and now want to start, again. Looking for an experienced Angel Fish Lover for some help in setting up and other tips. I live in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

From: Lu-Ann
I have two angelfish. They are very graceful and full of personality. At first they were shy, but now, they eat out of my hand. They don't bother any of my other fish, but my other fish just know not to mess with them.

From: J B
I have 2 angelfish - one 3 years old and the other about a year. They are indeed the most beautiful of my fish. I never witnessed any aggressive behavior from them until the other day when they decided to make lunch out of the two neon tetras I was adding into the tank. Other than that they are great fish. And they grow fast!

From: Kelly
I have three angelfish. Cat, a stripe angel fish, Angel a blacker marble, and Faith a white long veil tail. They are about 8 to 10 cm. Their seem to love to eat, and when every I come into my room they swim toward the glass. I feed them twice a day. Their favourite food seems to be shrimp pellets. If I feed them flakes and shrimp pellets together they seem to go after the shrimp pellets. I have them with smaller fish right now, and I am not sure if I will remove the smaller ones to a tank of their own in the future. A lot of people told me that angelfish will make a meal of small fish. This is the first time I had angelfish although I gave my dad three angelfish in the past. (Unfortunately they died just before two paired off.) I am not sure if two of them are starting to pair off. (Whenever I see cat and angel swim with each other the next time one of the two are swimming with Faith.) These three I have right now seemed to be healthy and very active. They do not hide, and are always watching me when I enter the room. I hope I get a pair. If so, I will try to let you all know.

From: Taylor
I think that Angels are a very good fish to keep in your tank. They may be aggressive at times but put with the right fish they will get along. Fish that I have with my angel are NEON Tetras, Bala Shark, Clown loach, And barbs. If you have never owned a tank you should start out with hardy fish just in case you make a mistake. Platys were my fav. When I got my first tank. SO if you decide to keep Angels make shore that you treat your fish with clean water, a good fish food and a clean tank over all, if you don't have plants in your tank and you are getting a angel you should get one or two angels like to swim in and out of plants. Hope you have fun with the hobby of fish keeping.





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