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Cyrtocara moorii


Species: Cyrtocara moorii
Common Name: Blue Dolphin, Malawi Dolphin, Hump-head
Size: Up to 8 inches" (20cm )
Habitat: AFRICA: Endemic to Lake Malawi, widespread throughout the lake.
Min Tank Size: 48 inches, 75 gallon or larger.
Note: Maternal mouthbrooder takes a long time (2 years) to reach breeding size. Males develop a large nuchal hump.
Diet: Carnivore,does well on high quality pellet and flake foods.
Behavior: Does best in large groups 3 or more females per male. Not particularly aggressive but tough enough to mix with rough fish.
Water: 76 - 80°F (24-27°C); pH range: 7.2 8.8; dH range: 10.0 - 18.0.
Care: Moderate, Sensitive to water quality. Needs well oxygenated water.
Communities: Mixes well with other large Haps,peacocks or mbuna.
Suitability: Some experience, moderately easy.

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