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Neolamprologus longior
Photo by Guérin Nicolas used under the GNU Free Documentation License.


Species: Neolamprologus longior
Common Name: Elongated Lemon Cichlid
Size: Up to 4" (10cm )
Habitat: AFRICA: Endemic to Lake Tanganyika. Eastern shore of the Lake , from Kabogo Point to Kibwe Bay. Like N. leleupi, this species inhabits rocky, shore areas.
Min Tank Size: 30 inches, 20 gallon long or larger.
Diet: Omnivorous, Zooplankton, Supplement their diet with live foods, like freshly hatched baby brine or daphnia.
Behavior: Mildly aggressive.
Water: 75 - 81°F (24-27°C); pH range: 7.5 – 9.0; dH range: 8.0 - 20.0.
Care: Moderate, best in tanks with fish of similar sizes and temperament.
Communities: Combine with other peaceful cichlids in a Lake Tanganyika community tank.
Suitability: Some experience, moderate.

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