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Corydoras albolineatus


Family: Callichthyidae
Species: Corydoras albolineatus
Common Name: C056, None
Size: Adult Male: Up to 1.46 inches (3.7 cm)
Habitat: SOUTH AMERICA: Rio Paragua, Itenez river system, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
Min Tank Size: 20 gallons (76 liters) or larger.
Min Shoal Size: Best in groups of six or more.
Diet: OMNIVORE: Thrives best on a varied diet including fresh or frozen bloodworm, blackworm, daphnia, grindal worm, white worm and tubifex complimented with algae wafers and catfish wafer and pellets.
Behavior: Very docile, gregarious in a shoal.
Water: Temperature of 73 to 81°F (23 to 27°C), pH 6.5 to 7.2, 2-12° dH
Care: Easy to Moderate. Ideally, the substrate should be soft sand, although small, rounded gravel would be acceptable. Either would need to be kept very clean to avoid injury or infection to this tiny fish's sensitive barbels. Arches of driftwood, roots and dry branches with bark removed could serve as shelters as well as rock work, caves and taller plants providing cover. Floating plants would offer an alternative form of shelter as well as dappling soft, overhead lighting. Water should be extremely clean, very clear, well-oxygenated and have a mild current.
Communities: This very gentle fish can either be housed in a species-only or a peaceful community aquarium. In either situation it is best kept in a shoal of at least 6. Peaceful tankmates would include small to medium sized fish, including: anabantoids, cardinal tetras, small characins, cyprinids, dwarf cichlids, danios, guppies, mollies, platys, rasboras, swords, otos, small plecos and other small catfish. Indigenously, C. albolineatus occurs sympatrically with the deeper-bodied Corydoras paragua where the Rio Paragua and the Rio Itenez meet.
Suitability: Good for all.
Note: Albolineatus: Latin: “albus” means white and “lineatus” meaning stripes or lines refers to the white stripe that runs down each of this fish's flanks.

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