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Corydoras diphyes


Family: Callichthyidae
Species: Corydoras diphyes
Common Name: Diphyes Cory
Size: Adult male: Up to 1.78 inches (4.5 cm).
Habitat: SOUTH AMERICA: Tributaries of the Rio Monday and Rio Acaray, and right bank tributaries of Rio Parana, Paraguay.
Min Tank Size: Shoal of 3 6: 15 gallons (56.78 liters) or larger.
Min Shoal Size: Shoal of 6. Due to this fish's rarity, a shoal of 6 may not be possible. In which case a shoal of the greatest number of fish available is recommended.
Diet: OMNIVORE: njoys a varied diet of live or frozen bloodworm, brine shrimp, daphnia, grindal worm, tubifex and white worm as well as flakes, granules and sinking tablets.
Behavior: Very peaceful.
Water: Temperature of 64 to 72°F (18 to 22°C), pH 6 to 7.0, 2-13° dH. Water should be very clean and high in dissolved oxygen.
Care: Moderate. This Corydora prefers cooler than normal tropical conditions (something that needs to be kept in mind regarding both plants and tankmates.) A planted tank with floating plants, driftwood and a sandy substrate helps replicate their native environment.
Communities: Non-competitive tankmates such as small characins, cyprinids, danios and small catfish would comprise a peaceful community. A ratio of one male to one female C. diphyes is recommended.
Suitability: Some experience required.
Note: The Otocinclus mimulus mimicks the appearance of C. diphyes, a strategy believed to help evade a shared predator, possibly the cichlid Crenicichla lepidota. What makes this so unusual is that the two fish live in different microhabitats.

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