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Corydoras fowleri


Family: Callichthyidae
Species: Corydoras fowleri
Common Name: Corydoras Milegros, Fowler, Fowler's Cory, Huanta Cory
Size: Adult Male: 2.36 inches (6.0 cm)
Habitat: SOUTH AMERICA: Western Amazon River basin. Holotype locality: Chancho Caņo, near Pebas, Amazon River system, Loreto, Peru.
Min Tank Size: 20 gallons (75 liters) or larger.
Min Shoal Size: Best in groups of six or more.
Diet: OMNIVORE: Enjoys live or frozen bloodworms, glass worms and white worms as well as algae wafers and sinking catfish pellets. In nature it feeds on worms, benthic crustaceans, insects and plant larvae, so brine shrimp, daphnia and grindal worms might also be options.
Behavior: Very peaceful
Water: Temperature of 70 to 75°F (21 to 24°C), pH 6 to 8.0, 2-25° dH
Care: Moderate. The long-snouted varieties of Corydoras need special care because their snouts can reach deeper when searching for food, making their barbels extra vulnerable. Soft, fine sand is the ideal substrate and it needs to be kept spotless. They benefit by having tall or floating plants, caves, driftwood and rock work for cover. Water should be kept very clean, very low in dissolved organics, high in dissolved oxygen with a moderate current.
Communities: A very gentle fish that does well as part of a peaceful community. They're at their most benignly rambunctious as part of a shoal of 4 to 6, keeping a ratio of one male to one female. Excellent tankmates include small cyprinids, danios, dwarf cichlids, livebearers, rasboras, small tetras and other small, peaceful cats including otos and other Corydoras.
Suitability: Some experience required.
Note: This uncommon fish is named in honor of Mr. Henry W. Fowler.

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