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Corydoras napoensis


Family: Callichthyidae
Species: Corydoras napoensis
Common Name: Napo Corydoras
Size: Adult Male: Up to 1.65 inches (4.2cm)
Habitat: SOUTH AMERICA: Rio Napo and Rio Aguarico in the Western Amazon River basin in Ecuador: Rio Nanay in Loreto, Peru: Rio Atacuari and Rio Amazonas, Colombia.
Min Tank Size: Shoal of 6: 15 gallons (56.78 liters) or larger.
Min Shoal Size: Shoal of 6.
Diet: OMNIVORE: Feeds well on live or frozen bloodworm, brineshrimp, daphnia, tubifex, flakes and sinking tablets.
Behavior: Very peaceful.
Water: Temperature of 72 to 79.8°F (22 to 26°C), pH 6 to 7.4, 2-25° dH. Water should be very clean and high in dissolved oxygen.
Care: Moderate. A smooth, rounded sandy or small-sized gravel substrate is preferred. The substrate should be kept meticulously clean to prevent damage or infection to C. napoensis' delicate barbels. Enjoys periods of rest varied by bursts of fast swimming. A tank that provides shelter or plants around the edges while leaving large areas of open water for swimming would be excellent.
Communities: Ideal for peaceful communities, esp. where smaller species are desired. Anabantoids, small characins, cyprinids, dwarf cichlids, tetras and other peaceful catfish. A one male to one female ratio for C. napoensis is recommended.
Suitability: Good for all.
Note: The similar-looking C. napoensis and C. elegans exist sympatrically, leading to them being easily confused in shipments. C. napoensis males cam be differentiated by the dark marking on the top of their dorsal fins.

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