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Atyopsis moluccensis

This photo was originally taken by threefingeredlord and the original photo can be found here:


Family: Atyidae
Genus & Species: Atyopsis moluccensis
Common Name: Bamboo shrimp, wood shrimp, filter shrimp, fan shrimp, flower shrimp
Size: 3" to 5" (8-12cm)
Habitat: Asia: Taiwan (this red variety does not occur naturally anywhere, but originally bred in Taiwan. Wild form occurs in Southern China and Taiwan)
Min Tank Size: 20 gallon for colony starting, best recommendation is 4 shrimp per gallon of water
Diet: Micro (or very small) foods filtered out of water current.
Behavior: Peaceful, though baby fish getting stuck in filters will be eaten.
Water: 73°F-84°F (23-29 C), soft water, PH 6.8 to 7.5 < 7 prefered.
Care: Needs a place to sit in the current, needs to be with peaceful fish.
Communities: Good, no invert eating fish.
Suitability: Hobbyist should have some experience.

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