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Cherax quadricarinatus


Family: Parastacidae
Genus & Species: Cherax quadricarinatus
Common Name: Black Scorpion Lobster (Australian red claw crayfish variation)
Size: Up to 12" (25.5cm)
Habitat: Australia: Freshwater rivers and streams.
Min Tank Size: 50 gallon
Diet: Omnivore. Sinking pellet, flake food and dried algae.
Behavior: Semi Aggressive. Peaceful towards their own kind, but require room for territories
Water: 68°F-75°F, (20-24°C),ph 6.5-8.0, KH 3-10
Care: Easy.
Communities: Good. Will not typically bother fish, unless they are very small.
Suitability: Good. Scavanger, if more then one in a tank provide an additional 40g per lobster.

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