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Blue Crayfish


Family: Cambaridae
Genus & Species: Procambarus alleni
Common Name: Blue Crayfish, Florida crayfish
Size: Up to 6 in (15cm)
Habitat: North America: East of St. Johns River and all of the Florida penensula, also present on some of the Keys.
Min Tank Size: Adults are best kept on their own in tanks of at least 10 gallons.
Diet: A predatory omnivore - detrivore, will eat sinking pellets, shrimp pellets, algae tabs.
Behavior: Scavengers.
Water: A pH of 7.0 (neutral) with a temperature between 70°F - 75°F (21 - 24°C)
Care: Easy.
Communities: Fine if no other bottom dwellers, or with large fish like oscars that may eat them. If not given sufficient space or hiding places, young will cannibalize each other, mostly during molts.
Suitability: Best for non heated aquariums, with no other bottom dwellers.






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