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Fiddler Crab


Family: Ocypodidae
Genus & Species: Uca pugnax
Common Name: Fiddler Crab, Mud Fiddlers
Size: Maximum 1" 1/2 (3.8cm)
Habitat: North America: Mudflats from Massachusetts to Florida.
Min Tank Size: Any size, preferably 10 gallon.
Diet: Detrivore - eats detrius and algae. Sinking algae tablets, freeze dried shrimp, plankton and bloodworms.
Behavior: Agressive Scavengers.
Water: Brackish,specific gravity reading of 1.01-1.08, Ph 8.0-8.3, Temperature 75°F-851°F (24°- 29°C), Carbonate Hardness should be 150-350 ppm
Care: Difficult. Provide sufficient space to prevent aggression.
Communities: Lives in colonies, may eat small fish.
Suitability: Species tank, Requires access to air and land.

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