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Procatopus aberrans


Family: Poeciliidae
Species: Procatopus aberrans
Common Name: Blue green lampeye, Bluegreen lampeye
Size: Adult Male: 2.17 inches (5.5 cm)
Habitat: Africa: Niger and Benue rivers, Nigeria. Also known from Cameroon. Cross system and coastal rainforest.
Min Tank Size: 30 gallons (60 liters) or larger for a proper shoal.
Diet: Primarly carnivorus: Enjoys live or frozen artemia, bloodworm, brine shrimp nauplii, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, white mosquito larvae as well as flake food.
Behavior: A very peaceful shoaling fish.
Water: Temperature 75-79°F (2426°C), range: 6.5 7.2, dH: 4.5 15.
Care: Difficult. To help replicate their native environment, choose a soft sand or small, rounded gravel substrate, plant heavily around the aquarium margins and leave a large, central area of open swimming space. Needs very clean, highly-oxygenated, well-filtered water. A powerhead may be used to simulate a riverine current.
Communities: Fairs best in a species-only aquarium, but adapts to a lightly populated community aquarium as with similarly-sized, peaceful tankmates.
Suitability: Experienced fish-keepers only.
Note: The aquarium should have a tight-fitting cover as this fish may jump.

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