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Family: Toxotidae
Species: Toxotes jaculatrix
Common Name: Archer fish
Size: Up to 12 inches (30cm) usually smaller.
Min Tank Size: 55 gallon minimum, leaving space at the top.
Habitat: Asia and Oceania: Widespread from the gulf of Aden along the coast of India and Southeast Asia, down to Australia.
Diet: Carnivore, Live foods, may accept flake or freeze dried. Must float on the surface.
Behavior: Peaceful, If kept in a large school.
Water: Lives in Fresh, Brackish and Salt water. Temperature range 77 to 88°F (25-31°C), Ph 7.0 to 8.0, dH range: 18+
Care: Medium.
Communities: Best in a species tank.
Suitability: Good for the more advanced.

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