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Achirus achirus


Family: Achiridae
Species: Achirus achirus
Common Name: Drab sole
Size: Up to 14.5 inches long.(27cm)
Min Tank Size: 100 gallons.
Habitat: Western Atlantic, Gulf of Paria to the mouth of the Amazon river.
Diet: Carnivorous, Start on live worms or small fishes. Will not eat flake.
Behavior: Peaceful.
Water: Marine demersal, pH 7.5 8.2 dH to 20°, temperature range of 72° to 85°F
Note: The specimens occasionally seen for sale are not a true freshwater fish. While they may survive in Freshwater they will not thrive. The addition of marine salt is recommended.
Care: Medium.
Communities: Very calm, never bothers other fish but is known to be picked on by most species.
Suitability: Research first. There are true freshwater flounders from South America (Catathyridium jenynsii) but they are seldom seen.

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