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Aphanius dispar dispar


Family: Cyprinodontidae
Species: Aphanius dispar dispar
Common Name: Arabian Killifish
Size: Up to 2.75 (7.60cm) but usually not over 2" (5.1cm) in home aquaria, females much smaller.
Habitat: Africa, Asia: Egypt to Somalia southward to Eil, a landlocked population in the Siwa Oasis, western Egypt. Dead Sea, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, western India, landlocked populations in Saudi Arabia, Iran.
Min Tank Size: 15 gallon (20"), happiest in a much larger aquarium in a large group.
Diet: Omnivore, tank bred specimens accept flake and small pellets. Heavy on the algae.
Behavior: Peaceful
Water: Freshwater, brackish; marine. Temperature range 61°F-78°F (16°- 25.6°C) Low 70ís ideal, Ph 7.5-9.0, KH 15-35 needs Hard alkaline water to survive.
Care: Easy if it's needs are met.
Communities: Poor, due to it's specialized water requirements.
Suitability: For the specialist, wanting to start a captive breeding program.

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