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Dragon Goby


Family: Gobiidae
Genus & Species: Gobioides broussonnetii
Common Name: Dragon Goby, Dragon Fish, Violet Goby
Size: 12 to 20 inches (30 -50cm) 12 being common
Habitat: North America, Western Atlantic: Charleston, South Carolina southward to Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico coasts of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and eastern-central Texas.
South America: Caribbean coast of Colombia, eastward to Venezuela, Surinam, Guyana, French Guiana, and Brazil as far south as Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Min Tank Size: 48 inches (55 gallon) longer is better than wide
Diet: Prefers live but will take frozen and freeze-dried foods.
Behavior: Territorial, Scavenger.
Water: Temperature: 72°F to 81°F (20-26°C) pH range: 7.0 8.0; dH range: 9 - 19
Salinity: A 1% addition of salt is recommendedas these fish are found in brackish water.This can be accomplished by adding 7.5 TSP of sea salt/ 10 gallons (10g/10 L) on a hydrometer the reading should be between 1.005 to 1.010 specific gravity.
Care: Medium.
Communities: Best for species tank, possibly the right community.
Suitability: Not for all.

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