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Electric Catfish


Family: Malapteruridae
Species: Malapterurus electricus
Common Name: Electric Catfish
Size: Average adult size: 12" (26 cm) for dwarfs (Paradoxoglanis species), some species up to 39" (100cm)
Habitat: Africa: Western and central tropical Africa and the Nile River.
Min Tank Size: 135 gallons.
Diet: Carnivorous, garden worms, frozen bloodworms, shrimp, Krill.
Behavior: A nocturnal fish - solitary and preditory.
Water: Temperature of 74 to 84°F (23 30°C), pH 7.0 to 8.0 dH range: to 20.
Care: Difficult, tank should be dimly lit and contain rock formations and driftwood, the substrate should be soft as they have no scales and can easily be injured.
Communities: No, Species tank recommened.
Suitability: Well seasoned aquarists, an adult Electric Catfish can severely injure its caretaker if not handled properly.

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