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Aphanius dispar dispar


Family: Tetrarogidae
Species: Neovespicula depressifrons
Common Name: Leaf goblinfish, Dusky Panther Goby,
Size: Up to 4.00 (10.0 cm) but usually not over 2" (5.1cm).
Habitat: Indo-West Pacific: Indonesia, New Guinea, and the Philippines.
Min Tank Size: 29 gallon (30"), best in a species tank.
Diet: Carnivore, Live invertebrates, may be trained to accept frozen and tablet but is a hit or miss situation.
Behavior: Peaceful with similar sized tankmates. No fin nippers or smaller fish.
Water: Brackish. Temperature range 72°F-82°F (22°- 28°C) Ph 7.5-8.5, DH 10-18, Specific gravity 1 - 1.020. Not really suited for Freshwater, it will slowly decline.
Care: Not a beginner fish, can be a picky eater, should be fed live foods as it gets used to prepared foods. Also is a venomous fish, a sting from it's spine is compared to a wasp sting.
Communities: Poor, due to it's specialized water requirements.
Suitability: For the specialist.

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