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Cherry shrimp


Family: Atyidae
Genus & Species: Neocaridina heteropoda (Neocaridina denticulata sinensis)
Common Name: Cherry shrimp
Size: 1" to 1.5" (2.5-3.5cm)
Habitat: Asia: Taiwan (this red variety does not occur naturally anywhere, but originally bred in Taiwan. Wild form occurs in Southern China and Taiwan)
Min Tank Size: 10 gallon for colony starting, best recommendation is 4 shrimp per gallon of water
Diet: Algae tablets, blanched vegetables, Algae that is growing in the tank as well.
Behavior: Non-aggressive. Active during the day. Often found on plants/decorations cleaning any algae off of them.
Water: 70°F-80°F, (21-27°C)Can live under conditions that are soft and slightly acidic (ph 6.6-7.0) to very hard and alkaline (ph 7.0-8.4 and above). Very adaptable shrimp. Is most productive and does best in soft to medium hard water with a ph in the alkaline range. Might not reproduce at all in water that is too acidic.
Care: Extremely sensitive to ammonia, nitrites, and copper. Ensure that there aren't any traces of copper in the tank if it has been used in the tank before adding shrimp. Ensure there is sufficient plant life, including ground covering plants and tall stalk like plants as the shrimp must cling to plants to feel safe. For best coloring, use with dark colored substrate.
Communities: Best to keep separate from other fish, however can be suitable with smaller non-aggressive tetras and other small mouthed fish that can not eat them easily. Do not house with Cichlids, barbs, and similar type fish.
Suitability: Intermediate.

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