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Mastacembelus erythrotaenia


Family: Mastacewibelidae
Species: Mastacembelus erythrotaenia
Common Name: Fire Eel.
Size: Adult Male (captive environment): 22 - 36 inches (55 - 100 cm) Adult Male (wild environment): 3.9 feet (1.2 m)
Min Tank Size: Individual: 120 gallons (500 liters) or larger
Habitat: SOUTH-EAST ASIA: Thailand and Cambodia to Indonesia. Occurs in slow-flowing rivers and lowland floodplains.
Diet: CARNIVORE: Live and frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, cyclops, daphnia, krill, lancefish, mosquito larvae, mussels, prawn, smaller fish and tubifex. Rarely, some fish will accept vegetable matter.
Behavior: Peaceful to Semi-aggressive.
Water: pH 6.0 to 8.0, dH range 5 - 19, temperature range 75-82°F (24-28°C)
Care: Moderate
Communities: Excellent community fish when kept with tankmates too large to be considered prey (esp. as these fish are nocturnal predators.) Keep only one fire eel per tank as they will fight with others of the same species.
Suitability: Experienced fish-keepers only
Note: These intelligent fish are escape artists, requiring tight-fitting canopies or hoods.

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