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Pseudomugil gertrudae


Family: Ambystomatidae
Species: Pseudomugil gertrudae
Common Name: Spotted Blue-eye
Size: Up to 1.5 inches (3.8 cm)
Habitat: Asia and Ocenia: Several isolated groups throughout Northern Australia, southern New Guinea and the Aru Islands. Inhabits muddy-bottomed, blackwater billabongs, creeks, marshes, rainforest streams and lagoons.
Min Tank Size: School of 6-8: 15 gallons (56.75 liters) or larger.
Diet: Omnivorous, Feed primarily live or frozen artemia nauplii, bloodworms, daphnia, insect larvae, microworms, rotifers and zooplankton. Supplement with phytoplankton, crushed flake foods and micropellets for small-mouthed fish.
Behavior: Peaceful.
Water: Temperature of 73°F to 86°F (23 30 °C), pH 5.2 to 6.7 dH range: 5 - 12.
Care: Moderate, good filtration and frequent water changes.
Communities: Thrive in shoals of 6-10 in both species-only and micro-community tanks. Keep 3 females per every one male. Possible tankmates: Cardinal shrimp, Celestial pearl danios, Emerald dwarf rasbora, Harlequin rasbora, Neon yellow rasbora and Threadfin rainbows.
Suitability: Some experience required.

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