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Lysmata amboinensis
Photo by Lonniehuffman used under the GNU Free Documentation License.


Family: Hippolytidae
Species: Lysmata amboinensis
Common Name: Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, cleaner shrimp, Red skunk cleaner.
Size: 2" (5 cm)
Habitat: Indo-Pacific, Sri Lanka.
Min Tank Size: 20 gallon.
Diet: Carnivore.
Behavior: Peaceful, fish will line up for these shrimp to clean off dead skin cells. Personable, they often can be hand-fed.
Water: Temperature of 72 to 78°F (22.2 25.6°C), pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023 - 1.026, dKH 8-12
Care: Easy, intolerant of copper-based medications, high niotrates and fluctuating water paramaters however.
Communities: Excellent addition to a community, however, some Hawkfish, Lionfish and puffers will see these as food.
Suitability: Good for all with saltwater experience.

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