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Mystus Leucophasis
Photo courtesy of Aqualand pets plus

Family: Bagridae
Species: Mystus leucophasis
Common Name: Giant Black Upside Down Asian Catfish
Size: Up to 5 inches (12.5cm)
Min Tank Size: 55 gallon and larger.
Habitat: Asia; Myanmar ,Sitang
Diet: Omnivorous. Will eat just about anything offered, loves bloodworms,dried will do.
Behavior: Swims primarily upside down although is not averse to swimming upright to scavenge from the bottom. Likes hiding places. Becomes very active at night, will come out in daylight and can be quite sociable.
Water: 73°F to 81°F (23°-27° C), PH 6.0-7.0, Hardness 5° - 25° dH
Care: Moderately hard to care for. Provide at least one good hiding place for each fish, Loves a length of pvc pipe to hide in..
Communities: Hardy cichlids that can take care of themselves.
Suitability: Moderate - Good for anyone that can meet it's needs.

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