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Lemon Cichlid

Species: Neolamprologus leleupi
Common Name: Lemon Cichlid, Orange Leleupi
Size: 3 in (9 cm)
Habitat: AFRICA: Endemic to the southern half of Lake Tanganyika.
Min Tank Size: Nothing smaller than a 20 gallon.
Diet: Carnivorous, Flake, frozen or live. Vary the diet.
Behavior: Peaceful
Water: 75 - 82°F (24-28°C) ; pH range: 7.5 9.0; dH range: 12 - 15
Care: Hard, delicate and needs live food to thrive.
Communities: inoffensive, can be kept with other Tanganyikan species
Suitability: OK, if you can meet its needs.




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