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Farlowella vittata


Family: L oricariidae
Species: Farlowella vittata
Common Name: Aguja, Common Twig Catfish, Farowella, Twig Catfish, Whiptail Catfish
Size: Up to 8.9 inches (22.5 cm)
Habitat: SOUTH AMERICA: Caracas, Venezuela. Tributaries and streams feeding Lake Valencia.
Diet: Mostly HERBIVOROUS: Algae wafers and vegetable matter. Supplement with live or frozen bloodworms or daphina as a treat and wood for rasping.
Behavior: Peaceful, shy, enjoys sitting perfectly still for long stretches.
Water: 75.2°F - 78.8°F (24°C - 26°C), pH: 6.0 - 7.0, dH: 3 - 8 Water must be clear and high in dissolved oxygen.
Care: Moderate to advanced.
Communities: Excellent fish for peaceful, non-competitive aquariums or a species-only tank. Corydoras, otos, rasboras, tetras and other Farlowella species would be good tank mates.
Suitability: Some experience required.
Note: Farlowella vittata is occasionally mistaken as Farlowella acus, a similar species which may be highly endangered. They can be differentiated by comparing the lengths of their rostroms (“snouts.”)

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