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Horabagrus brachysoma
Photo courtesy of Aqualand pets plus


Author: This stat was written by Chris an active contributor to the site.
Family: Bagridae
Species: Horabagrus brachysoma, Horabagrus nigricollaris
Common Name: Günther's Catfish, Yellow Catfish, Manjakoori, Bullseye Catfish, Golden red-tail Catfish, Solar Catfish, Sun Catfish. H. nigricollaris is known as the Black Collared Catfish.
Size: 18in (45cm).
Habitat: Asia: Kerala, India.
Min Tank Size: 180 Gal. for one specimen, due to large size.
Diet: Omnivorous, Feeds on smaller fish, invertebrates and plant matter in nature, although thankfully there is no need to offer live 'feeder' fish in the aquarium. Most specimens are easy to feed, accepting a wide range of dried and meaty frozen foods. Feed a mixture of dried pellets as well as frozen prawns, mussels, earthworms etc.
Behavior: Peaceful for its size and does well in a community of other placid, similarly-sized fish. It will eat any tankmate it can fit in its mouth, so be warned.
Water: Temperature of 74°F to 77°F (23°-25° C) , pH range: 6.6 – 7.5; soft to medium-hard, 5-25.
Care: This species is relatively common in the aquarium trade. Unfortunately, it's a victim of misinformation because its adult size easily outgrows most home aquariums. Usually sold around 2-3in (5.1-7.6cm) which makes the situation worse.
Communities: Can be housed with other large, peaceful fish. Any fish it can fit in its mouth, it will.
Suitability: Only for the large-tank enthusiast that can house such a fish.
Referances: Horabagrus brachysoma - Sun Catfish

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