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Setting up a Vivarium

By Pat M. a regular on the sites message board.



There is no doubt this tank is going to be home for frogs, I'm just not positive what kind of frogs. I want something that not too many people keep, so I went on a search for the rare and exotic. I have narrowed it down to the following because they are all rare to some degree, and I have access to them without having to go through some crazy internet site.

Red Eye Tree Frog:

This is the frog I originally built the tank for. This is one of the two frogs I am seriously considering. It has amazing color, and if I do decide on this frog, I am hoping to go with a trio to attempt to breed them. They originate in the rainforests of Central and South America. Their eyes are bright red while their bodies are splashed with red, white, blue, and orange. The first time I saw these frogs they were asleep, and they looked like normal green tree frogs. When I asked someone if I could see them, they woke the frogs up and I was absolutely amazed, and cannot even begin to describe how amazing the colors were. Here's a pic of one, and no, it is not fake

Amazonian Milk Frog: (Phrynohyas resinifictrix)

This is the second frog I am seriously considering. This frog is very rare, so much so that if you attempt to do a search on it, a couple pictures will be as much as you get. I've yet to find any info online about them. Everything I know has come from talking and corresponding with a few people that are keeping them. As you probably guessed, they're from the Amazon, the rainforest. If I go with these guys, I will attempt to breed them. Trouble is they're not as easy to sex as the red eyes. They are in thye same price range, although I belive they are rarer than the red eyes. They too are an aboreal frog who like higher humidities. They lay their eggs in holes in trees that have filled with water. They are a good looking frog.

Dendrobates tinctorius - "Surinam Cobalt":
Dendrobates leucomelas:

These are poison dart frogs, the frogs that originally got me into building vivariums. Unfortunately I'm no longer considering them due to their high maintenance. They are tiny little frogs, getting 1.5" for the biggest specimens if you're lucky. Therefore their main food source is fruitflies, flour beetles, or springtails, none of which I have the patience nor the time to culture. They really are beautiful and amazing frogs, but they also come with an enormous price tag, around $45 at the bare minimum for the tincs and $35 min for the leucs. I really would love to keep them in the distant future, but for the time being, I am going to steer clear.

Dendrobates tinctorius
Dendrobates leucomelas

Clown Tree Frog

I am no longer seriously considering this frog, but they are a nice looking animal and couldn't resist showing a pic.




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