About the Site

Back in 1997, I started Badman’s Tropical Fish armed with nothing more than an old web TV unit and HTML codes that were all done by hand. As my learnings and experiences in fishkeeping have grown considerably throughout the years, my humble website has also evolved into one of the web’s largest and most comprehensive fishkeeping guides. I am grateful to all the hobbyists who continue to interact with the message boards and make this site active. I have always wanted this to be a place of informative discussions, as well as a fountain of resources and expert information for all hobbyists whether new or experienced.

I understand the frustration of having to sift through pages and pages of internet searches just to find information that I desperately needed. Because of this, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create an all-encompassing fishkeeping website to help you get what you need in as little time as possible.

Creating a space where information is easy to find is doubly important, especially in a website as large as this, so you’ll find that pages are divided into separate sections to keep everything organized. New hobbyists can start at the Fishkeeping ABC’s page, where they will find all the basic things they’ll need to learn before diving into (pun intended) the world of fishkeeping. In this section, information is laid out in straightforward and easy-to-understand terms — no fancy fish jargon here!

We have a section that goes into great detail about individual fish profiles, as well as sections on tanks, aquarium equipment, and even the various plant decorations you can put in your precious setups. Need some pointers on how to train your fish or how to breed a specific species of betta? We’ve got you covered on our tips page. Worried about your little finned friends looking sickly or not eating? Take a look at our health section to see what’s up and what you can do to make your fish thrive again.

For those looking for quick information on a specific species of fish, our fish statistics page contains pictures and detailed information on more than 150 types of fish! From their natural habitats to the specific tank conditions they need for breeding, this section is a treasure trove of important must-knows about your fish.

My qualifications — I have been involved in the tropical fish hobby for more than 30 years, starting out, like most other hobbyists, with the obligatory twenty-gallon community setup. I eventually worked my way to having my very own “fish room,” with 20 tanks ranging in size from 5 to 55 gallons, filled with different species of fish and homemade wet-dry filtration systems. Over the years, I have kept almost every kind of fish imaginable, in setups ranging from community to Biotope to saltwater mini-reef systems, and I have loved every single step of my journey.

The information I post here will come from my extensive, hands-on experience, as well as a large reference library. I encourage you to explore this site that was passionately built through years of hard work and expert experiences. If you found this site helpful or want to leave a comment, please consider signing my Guestbook. Badman’s has a strict privacy policy; to view it, proceed to this page.