About the Site

Badman’s tropical fish was started in 1997, it first was coded on an old web TV unit and the html was all done by hand. Over the years the site has evolved into one of the largest and most comprehensive in the web. As it has grown so have my abilities to make it a little more uniform. I am constantly updating and have many interactive areas for user input. The sites message board is very active and is moderated by a great bunch of hobbyist.

The pages are divided into separate sections geared to all hobbyist. They will feature a brief description of the most commonly kept major fish families. There is also a monthly changing page with detailed descriptions of individual fishes, dealing from their native habitat to their upkeep in a home aquarium. This page will feature fish not only from the profiled families, but from the complete Genera of fishes. I will also have a generalized overview on the tank conditions needed for spawning. Any case specific breeding methods will be covered in the detailed fish descriptions.

A large fish index section will have quick information and pictures on many of toady’s favorite fish in an easy to read table format.
In addition to comments on new products, informative links, and products that in my opinion live up to their claims. Links to my favorite mail order companies and a complete aquatic term glossary, with links from the text in bold as well as an icon to all other defined terms from the hobby located in each section. At over 1500 pages I can only touch the tip of the site, I encourage you to take some time and explore. Badman’s has a strict privacy policy, to view it please click here.

Want some quick information on a fish? Visit my Fish statistics page, it has pictures and statistics for over one-hundred and fifty fish! For a great place to see higher quality photos please visit the sister site Tropical fish gallery here you will find a huge species gallery, a photo section where you can upload and store your own pictures as well as sections on taking and editing your photos.

My qualifications; I have been involved in the tropical fish hobby for over thirty years, starting with the obligatory twenty gallon community setup. Over the years I have kept almost every kind of fish, in setups ranging from community to Biotope to saltwater mini-reef systems.

My “fish room” had a high of twenty tanks ranging in sizes from five to fifty-five gallons, with different breeding species, and home made wet-dry filtration systems. I am currently running a thirty seven gallon community set up, while I have in the past ran a lot more aquariums I have found that the daily upkeep of the site has taken almost all of my free time.
The information I post here will come from my experience, and a large reference library. If you found this site helpful or want to make a comment please sign my Guestbook.