The African dwarf frog and shrimp are both famous aquatic creatures that people like to keep in their tanks. The African dwarf frog, as the name suggests, originates from rivers and streams of central Africa, whereas many different species of shrimps originate from all around the world.

These freshwater frogs for aquarium can be kept with shrimps; however, you have to select them carefully. Keep on reading to find out how to keep them together and what types of shrimp are compatible with the African dwarf frog.

What Is an African Dwarf Frog Like?

Before getting started, you need to know some basics about the frog to understand them better. Certain behaviors help to determine the way that these frogs act.

First, the African dwarf frog grows 2.5 inches in length and lives for around five years in captivity. Due to their size, the tank they need should be more than 10 gallons. If you add even more invertebrates to the tank, the tank size should exceed accordingly. They are not that hard to care for, but beginners should not house them without some experience.

Behavior-wise, they are amphibians but spend all their lives in water and only come up to breathe air. This is why they are considered to be bottom-dwellers. Moreover, copper medication is highly toxic, so there should be no copper in the water. These are social creatures that can be housed with the same species, and they will survive harmoniously. These freshwater frogs are also very active in aquariums and sometimes float on top of the water with their limbs spread wide. This is known as “burbling,” and they are not dead when they do this.

African dwarf frog with shrimps are an acceptable pair as long as you find them not-too-small ones. Although frogs are docile, if something is small enough to fit in their mouth, they will eat it, especially something on the same level as them in the tank. Lastly, make sure to have a tank with a fitted lid as they can jump out.

Can African Dwarf Frogs Live With Shrimps?

Keeping all that we mentioned above, should you keep African dwarf frogs with shrimp? This honestly depends on the shrimp you choose.

It is honestly risky to keep African dwarf frogs with shrimps because although docile, these frogs are still predators that eat brine shrimp and other types of shrimps for food. There are many other African dwarf frog tank mates that you can choose instead. However, some shrimps can be kept with the frog, especially if they are big. Along with size, you have to make sure that their tank conditions and food requirements match, or else one of them will suffer. Here are some common shrimps that people want to keep with African dwarf frogs and whether they are compatible or not.

If you decide to keep it with shrimp, make sure to provide them with many hiding places so they don’t become prey. Furthermore, have plenty of space to keep both the species happy. Since these frogs are bottom-dwelling, they don’t like too many bottom-dwelling invertebrates and can get depressed in cramped places. Other invertebrates should also be added after the African dwarf frog. In addition to that, make sure that the shrimp don’t eat all the food before it gets to the frog.

– Can African Dwarf Frogs Live With Bamboo Shrimp?

Bamboo shrimps are peaceful shrimps that mind their own business. They are beginner-friendly because of how easy it is to care for them.

They ideally grow up to be around two to three inches, almost the same size as African dwarf frogs, and have a lifespan of two years. Some more names that this shrimp is known with are Asian Filter Feeding Shrimp, Fan Shrimp, Flower Shrimp, Singapore Flower Shrimp, Singapore Shrimp, Singapore Wood Shrimp, and Wood Shrimp. Therefore, don’t get confused about this when buying them. Moreover, you can also keep one of these fish together, and they will be peaceful.

So, can the bamboo shrimp act as an African dwarf tank mate? Well, kind of. Yes, it is too large to be eaten by the frog, but it also has a slightly different habitat requirement. This is because bamboo shrimps filter food from water and need lots of plants. You have to keep the wood shrimp near a filter with a strong current. These can be an excellent alternative to fish and are compatible with African dwarf frogs. Make sure to monitor it after you introduce the shrimp in a community tank with the frog.

– Can African Dwarf Frogs Live With The Cherry Shrimp?

These are shrimps that are native to Taiwan. These are beginner-friendly like most other shrimps as they are pretty straightforward and do not require any special attention.

These cherry shrimps grow to be around 1.5 inches, so they are pretty big and have around one to two years. The cherry shrimps are peaceful and need a habitat that is heavily planted. The shrimp can survive many water conditions since they are so hardy, and they also eat any algae that might grow in the tank. They never harm any other fish and are great for keeping in a community tank. It is better to keep cherry shrimps with other cherry shrimps as they are compatible and breed on their own.

So, is African dwarf frog and cherry shrimp a good match? Yes, it is. Just make sure to be ready for the frog to eat some juvenile shrimps as soon as they are born. The African dwarf frog and cherry shrimp are good together if the shrimp is not juvenile or too small in size.

As mentioned above, the cherry shrimp can sometimes eat the food meant for the frog, so find a way to feed the frog properly. The frog is usually a slow hunter due to its poor eyesight, keeping it with other big shrimps. However, you might lose a shrimp or two due to the frog hunting them, so be prepared for that as well.

– Can African Dwarf Frogs Live With The Ghost Shrimp?

African dwarf frog and ghost shrimp are a match that you might consider as well. These shrimps are a lot like cherry shrimps which is why people might assume that these can be kept together.

Ghost shrimps are cheap to buy and very easy to care for. They are peaceful, which makes them perfect for community tanks with peaceful fish. These fish also clean the tank by eating algae and food that falls down, which is another plus of having them. The ghost or glass shrimp grows to be around 1.5 inches which is the same as the cherry shrimp.

They, however, have only a lifespan of around one year. They can reproduce easily in a tank when needed as well. You have to be careful, though, because an African dwarf frog will eat some of the juvenile shrimps that can fit in its mouth.

So, is African dwarf frog and ghost shrimp a good match? Well, if given a chance, the frog will eat the shrimp; this is a fact. Although in the wild, you won’t see this happening due to the drastically different habitat they live in.

However, you have to remember that the shrimps are pretty fast and good at hiding while the frogs are very slow. Not to mention, the ghost shrimp has an invisible body which makes it even harder to see, so the African dwarf frog will be able to see it only when it notifies the frog of its presence. Keeping these two species together is a gamble. The best way to keep them together is to make sure the shrimp and the frog are the same sizes.


If possible, finding different African dwarf frog tank mates is better than keeping them with shrimps due to their size. However, if you want to make this work make sure your African dwarf frog is always well-fed and there are enough places for the shrimp to hide when needed. Here are some of the things we’ve learned:

  • African dwarf frog is pretty docile, but it has shrimp as food so that we will see shrimp of smaller size as the food
  • African dwarf frogs and shrimp are a unique match that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.
  • African dwarf frog has a lifespan of 5 years and grows up to be around 2.5 inches in optimum conditions
  • African dwarf frog and bamboo shrimp is somewhat a plausible option
  • African dwarf and cherry shrimp is possible, too, if proper precautions are taken
  • African frog and ghost shrimp are also a possible pair, but it is a gamble.

These are notable points that you should consider before housing these two invertebrates together. It sure is going to be an adventure!

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