Albino oscar stats infographicThe Albino Oscar is a type of Oscar fish that is known for its marbled white and red coloration, as well as the interesting behavior it brings to any aquascape. As a member of the Oscar family, the Albino Oscar is considered to be a large freshwater fish that requires enough space to fully mature and grow.

Keep reading to have a better insight on the Albino Oscar including how to prepare its ideal environment, how to care for it and feed it, as well as how to address some of its common health issues.

What Is an Albino Oscar?

The Albino Oscar is a close relative of the Cichlid and is a freshwater fish that prefers shallow and gentle bodies of water such as the ones found in their original habitat in South America, Ecuador, and even Brazil. Despite their intimidating size, the Albino Oscar is actually quite gentle.

Albino Oscar Stats

Common Name Albino Red Oscar or Albino Ruby Oscar
Scientific Name Astronotus Ocellatus
Care Level Moderate
Average Lifespan 10 to 20 years
Maximum Size 12 to 24 inches
Diet Omnivorous
Breeding Type Egg Layer
Minimum Tank Size 55 to 75 gallons minimum

In addition, here are the Albino Oscar’s taxonomic details.

Order: Perciformes
Suborder Labroidae
Family Cichlidae
Genera Astronotus
Species Astronotus Ocellatus

The Albino Oscar may also be called Albino Red Oscar or Albino Ruby Oscar, though some aquarists may also know this fish as the White Oscars Fish. This type of fish is highly prized for its coloration which is predominantly white with mottled red or pink hues running across the lower side of its body.

Albino Oscar Care

The Albino Oscar is only moderately demanding in terms of care requirements. With the right knowledge and dedication, you should find that this Oscar fish is relatively easy to manage in a large freshwater tank. In this section, you will learn all about the ideal Albino Oscar aquarium parameters, the best diet for this fish, and a lot more.

– Diet

The Albino Oscar is an omnivorous and voracious eater that will fare well on a balanced mix of meaty food, commercial pellets, and a few servings of vegetables. In its natural environment, it would chase down small fish, shrimp, tiny soft-shelled crabs, and insects.

This fish has also been known to munch occasionally on the plants it might find growing in the shallow waterways where it lives. Having this in mind, you should endeavor to provide a similar diet to your Albino Oscar fish to keep them happy and healthy.

When it comes to feeding Albino Oscar fish properly, you can start offering commercial Cichlid or Oscar pellets twice a day, this should be done while your Albino Oscar is still settling down into its new home. As you learn more about your Albino Oscar, you can increase or decrease the number of times you offer food based on how fast they are growing or on their body appearance.

Albino oscar the rare marbled beauty of freshwater aquariumsYou can feed your Albino Oscar with protein-rich food such as small shrimp, Bloodworms, and even cut-up pieces of fish or crab.

You may opt to feed them frozen food as well if fresh food is hard to come by in your area; feed this type of food five to seven times a week.

Supplement your Albino Oscar’s diet with high-quality Cichlid or Oscar pellets that you can offer every morning or evening. You may also want to add a few pieces of cucumber, or a couple of lettuce or spinach leaves to keep their diet well-rounded.

– Water Parameters

In order to provide the best care for your Albino Oscar, you need to create the ideal environment for it to thrive in your aquarium. Below is a table detailing the Albino Oscar’s preferred tank and water parameters.

Temperature 74 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit
pH Level 6.5 to 8.0
Water Hardness 12 to 15 dH
Light Level Low to Moderate
Substrate Fine sand or gravel

– Tank Setup

Take note that the Albino Oscar is a relatively large fish and while it does not need special lighting or water chemistry, it can become sick and stressed if it is placed in an aquarium that is too small. An easy way to gauge the ideal Albino Oscar tank size is to remember this formula: one full grown Albino Oscar needs at least 55 gallons of tank space.

Ensure that your Albino Oscars are not exposed to harsh or intense light for long periods of time they become blind after a few years in captivity. While this is not always the case, Albino Oscars generally do have weaker eyes than other Oscar fish.

The Albino Oscar loves to dig around its aquarium. This is why it is important to provide them with soft substrates such as fine sand or gravel. Having an area that is devoid of live plants and other types of decoration will ensure that your Albino Oscar is free to dig around as it would have in a more natural environment.

Aside from adjusting the light level of your aquarium, you may also want to provide dim hiding places for your Albino Oscars to rest and refresh their eyes. These hiding places may come in the form of rock caves and wood debris that block out much of the light that penetrates your tank.

– Lifespan

The Albino Oscar lives an average of 10 to 18 years. However, it is possible to care for them until they are 20 years old especially if you provide them with an excellent environment and proper care.

Indeed, paying attention to this fish’s eye care will lead to it being less stressed and more responsive to you, which in turn will give it a higher chance of living the full Albino Oscar lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

– Common Diseases

The Albino Oscar is prone to health conditions such as ich, hole-in-the-head, and fin deformities or rot. These common diseases are mainly rooted in deteriorating water conditions or the introduction of parasites and bacteria in your aquarium.

You can help your Albino Oscar recover from these diseases by performing water changes more often, providing your fish with high-quality food, and adjusting the water parameters as necessary.

Tank Mates

The Albino Oscar is known to be only mildly aggressive when compared to other Cichlids or Oscar fish. As such, it is crucial to give a lot of thought to the tank mates that you pair with your Albino Oscar.

– Ideal Tank Mates

Other Cichlids (such as the Jaguar Cichlid and Jewel Cichlid) as well as Medium to Large-sized fish (such as the Parrot Fish and Bala Shark) or even loaches and plecos can be amazing tank mates for the Albino Oscar.

– Tank Mates To Avoid

In general, you should avoid pairing the Albino Oscar with any fish that is small enough to fit into its mouth. Furthermore, you shouldn’t house an Albino Oscar with timid, tiny fish since they will likely see such fish as a snack.


Albino Oscars can be difficult to breed in captivity. However, if you are set on trying your hand at breeding a pair of Albino Oscars, there are some things you need to know.

– Pre Breeding Care

First, Albino Oscars can be mated with other types of Oscar fish. Second, this type of fish is difficult to breed primarily because it can be picky with its mate. You might have better luck at purchasing a pair of bonded Albino Oscars, to begin with.

Third, mated Albino Oscars are highly territorial and aggressive, especially during spawning season; consider placing your Albino Oscar pairs in a separate breeding tank to keep all of your fishes safe and stress-free.

Adult Albino Oscars will readily show signs of mating behavior; this includes chasing each other around the tank, locking lips with each other, and preparing a place for future eggs. You need to keep their breeding tank clean and you need to feed them with protein-rich food if you want to increase the chances of successful breeding. However, the female Albino Oscar should lay her eggs around 48 to 72 hours after a successful mating session.

– Post Breeding Care

Shortly after the female Albino Oscar has laid her eggs, remove the breeding pair from the aquarium to prevent them from eating the fry. The eggs should hatch after 72 hours.

Support the Albino Oscar fry’s growth by providing them with infusoria and baby brine shrimp. Note that you should have at least a few of them ready to be transferred to the main aquarium after a month or two, or when they reach at least two inches in length.


Albino oscarThe Albino Oscar is one of the most beautiful and intelligent types of fish that you can add to your freshwater aquarium. Here is a summary of the things you need to remember when caring for this type of fish.

  • The Albino Oscar is native to the shallow and gentle waters of South America.
  • This fish is prized for its marbled coloration, and it is more expensive than the average Oscar fish.
  • The Albino Oscar is an omnivore that will readily eat fresh or frozen food, commercial pellets, and occasional helpings of vegetables.
  • This fish is prone to eye problems, that is why it is best to keep it in a dimly lit aquarium.
  • You may breed Albino Oscars if you have a bonded pair and a separate breeding aquarium that will also serve as a fry rearing tank.

With our short and complete guide in hand, you should be able to confidently care for Albino Oscars in your aquarium.

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