When your tank is in need of some much needed accessories, look no further than That Pet place.
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Fish Food

When you want your fish to be the happiest, invest in a good brand of Fish Food from That Pet place we stock a large variety of fish food for freshwater and saltwater fish. Start feeding your fish today with some fresh Fish Food for your tank.

Fish Medications

If your fish is feeling a bit under the weather, start giving it some of our Fish Medications to bring it back up to speed. For the best quality care of your fish, look no further than That Pet place’s Fish Medications.

Aquarium Salt

When you start setting up your tank for your new salt water friends consider investing in our high quality Aquarium Salt. We carry premium salt that is sure to make your gilled friend happy. Make Nemo’s day today with Aquarium Salt from That Pet place.

Home Aquarium

When you want to start an aquatic environment for your fish, invest in our Home Aquariums. We carry everything from small fish bowls to huge tanks that are sure to give each fish what it needs. Start upgrading your home today with a Home Aquarium from That Pet place.

Aquarium Books

If you want to read up on your fish, invest in some Aquarium Books from That Pet place. We carry books on every tip of fish and species. Learn how to take care of your fish and their habitat today. Invest in the future with a new set of Aquarium Books!

Protein Skimmers

Start increasing the cleanliness of your tank today with a Protein Skimmer from That Pet place. Our Protein Skimmers allow for clean tanks, and happy fish. When you want your tank to be extremely clean and want your fish to be happy, go no further than That Pet place’s Protein Skimmers.

Aquarium Chillers

If your fish prefer a cooler temperature, invest in an Aquarium Chiller today from That Pet place. With a cooler temperature your fish become less lethargic and much more lively. Start making your fish happier today with new Aquarium Chillers from That Pet place.

Aquarium Heaters

If you have tropical fish, keep them warm and cozy with an Aquarium Heater from That Pet place. Our heaters offer temperature adjustments so you can adjust the temperature just right to keep your fish the happiest. When you want the best quality temperature control for you fish, look no further than Aquarium Heaters from That Pet place .

Aquarium Power Heads

If your fish love well circulated water, consider a set of Aquarium Power Heads from That Pet place. Our power heads circulate the water in your tank perfectly to keep the water clean and your fish happy! When you want the ultimate in fish satisfaction look no further than Aquarium Power Heads from That Pet place.

Aquarium Hoods

If your fish like to jump right out of the tank invest in a new Aquarium Hood from That Pet place. Our Aquarium hoods come in many styles, and many include built in lights to illuminate your tank perfectly. When you want the best tank for your fish, look no further than That Pet place’s huge selection of Aquarium Hoods.

Aquarium Lights

When you want to illuminate your tank, invest in an aquarium light from That Pet place. When you want to be able to see your fish clearly, look no further than our huge selection of Aquarium Lights. Don’t keep your fish in the dark any longer! Invest in a new Aquarium light from That Pet place.

Aquarium Timers

If you have a light, or any powered device on your tank you want to turn off at night, or other pre specified times, set your Aquarium Timers to power down that device whenever you want! When you want the best managed power settings for your tank invest in a new set of Aquarium Timers from That Pet place.

Aquarium Maintenance

If you need to do some much needed Maintenance on your tank, upgrade it today with our Aquarium Maintenance kits. These kits have everything you need to upgrade your tank and fix leaks, pumps, hoses, and anything else you may need. Start upgrading your tank today with our Aquarium Maintenance kits from That Pet place.

Sponge Filters

When you want the cleanest quality water in your tank, invest in a new set of Sponge Filters from That Pet place. These filters will clean your tank and keep your fish happy. A clean fish is a very lively fish, so start upgrading your tank today with new Sponge Filters from That Pet place.

Tropical Fish Tank

When you want some nice colorful reef fish, invest in a Tropical Fish Tank from That Pet place. Our Tropical Fish Tanks are perfect for any type of fish, and are sure to keep your fish happy. Get rid of your old tank today and invest in a new Tropical Fish Tank from That Pet place.

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