Aquatic Clubs and Associations
By: Sully

I would like to thank the website No clowns in a cube for putting this list together. The sites goal is to ensure that retailers provide accurate information about the fish and the aquarium products they sell. I encourage you to visit them and add your support.


Organization Location Type
Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs Canada Association
American Cichlid Association USA Association
American Killifish Association USA Association
American Livebearer Association USA Association
Apistogramma Study Group USA Association
Australian New Guinea Fish Association Australia Association
Fedeeration of American Aquatic Societies USA Association
International Betta Conference USA Association
International Fancy Guppy Association USA Association
Killifish Association USA Association
Marine Aquarium Societies of North America, Inc. USA Association
North American Native Fishes USA Association
North East Council of Aquarium Societies USA Association
The Angelfish Society USA Association
The Goldfish Society of America USA Association
The Midwest Cichlid Association USA Association
World Wide Association
Desert Fish Club CA Club
Northwest Killies CA Club
Pacific Coast Cichlid Association CA Club
Sacramento Aquarium Society CA Club
Colorado Aquarium Society CO Club
Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association CO Club
Southern Colorado Aquarium Society CO Club
Tampa Bay Aquarium Society FL Club
Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association IA Club
Iowa Aquaria Association IA Club
Champaign Area Fish Exchange IL Club
Greater Chicago Cichlid Association IL Club
Circle City Aquarium Club IN Club
Heart of American Aquarium Society KS Club
Long Island Aquarium Society LI, NY. Club
The Boston Aquarium Society MA Club
Grand Valley Aquarium Club, Auction MI Club
Grand Valley Aquarium Club MI Club
Greater Detroit Aquarium Society MI Club
Southwestern Michigan Aquarium Society MI Club
Motor City Aquarium Society MI Club
Minnesota Aquarium Society MN Club
The Raleigh Aquarium Society NC Club
Central New York Aquarium Society NY Club
Greater City Aquarium Society NY Club
Nassau County Aquarium Society NY Club
Tropical Fish Club of Erie County – Buffalo, NY NY Club
American Livebearer Association OH Club
Cleveland Aquarium Society OH Club
Greater Akron Aquarium Society OH Club
Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society OH Club
Ohio Cichlid Association OH Club
Stark County Aqua Life Enthusiasts OH Club
Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society OH Club
Medina County Aquarium Society OH Club
Greater Portland Aquarium Society OR Club
Allegheny River Valley Aquarium Society PA Club
Aquarium Club of Lancaster County PA Club
Bucks County Aquarium Society PA Club
Delaware County Aquarium Society PA Club
Erie Aquarium Society PA Club
Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society, Inc. PA Club
International Betta Congress PA Club
The Bucks County Aquarium Society PA Club
Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island RI Club
Memphis TN Club
Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies TX Club
Houston Aquarium Society TX Club
Texas Area Betta Society TX Club
Green Bay Aquarium Society WI Club
Milwaukee Aquarium Society WI Club
Calgary Aquarium Society Canada-Calgary Club
Saskatoon Aquarium Society Canada-Saskatoon Club
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